Synthetic Reeds Might Be The Answer

Having never played any instrument that required a reed, I never realized what a pain in the neck a reed could be! A natural reed has to be kept moist (thank you bacteria!) and it can warp and crack. Today I have learned about the benefits of using a synthetic reed that won’t warp and crack, and it seemed to be a good idea to me! This YouTube video I was watching (below) addresses those issues and demonstrates the use of the Signature models synthetic reed. I think it sounds great, don’t you agree?


When Dave told me that Ellie wants a pair of eskuche 33i headphones, I thought it would be easy to find reviews on them (I don’t want to buy anything that has bad reviews) so I went to YouTube (which is a place I tend to trust for reviews) and was disappointed (and frustrated) that I could not find any reviews on that particular set. On top of that, they don’t seem to be “in stock” at my favorite music supply website! So I guess I’m going to suggest to Dave that he ask Ellie if she has another choice that she would be happy with!

Electric Blankets Are Great Inventions

I don’t know about you, but I have electric blankets on all of the beds at my house. I love my electric blanket – I use it a lot! Even with wool socks and sock liners on my feet, my feet are cold all of the time, and having an electric blanket on at night helps warm my feet so that I can sleep better. My bed is king sized, and the electric blanket I have now has two controls – one for each side. I like that a lot better than the first electric blanket I had with only one control! My husband was always too warm, and I was always too cold! The biggest complaint that I have about electric blankets is that I’m always afraid of washing them, and afraid of the wires shorting out and catching the blanket on fire! But I’ve had one for decades, and that has never happened, so I guess the engineers knew what they were doing when they designed them!

Recently I started to think about getting an electric blanket for my car (since I don’t have heated seats,) and found the perfect one that I want to get at the website. I’m sharing the YouTube video of it here on this post. I like how it can be folded up and turned into a neck or lumbar pillow when not in use for warming you up!