Conductor was texting

Oh my goodness, I just heard that the conductor of the passenger train was sending text messages on his phone, missed a signal and that’s what caused the crash of the two trains.  The conductor was one of the people that lost their lives that day.

People should already know not to text and drive a car so why wouldn’t he have known better than to do it on a train with so many peoples lives are supposed to be in his hands and not his cell phone.  I really feel sorry for whoever he was sending text messages because they are probably going to feel responsible.  I would if I was the one that was texting him.  One things for sure, I sure as heck won’t text and drive anything.

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  1. When are people going to learn that you can’t do things like that while driving even a train. I never thought about the dangers of a conductor texting but I see it on the road all of the time.


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