What a week

We buried Papa Charlie on the 7th. I had no idea that he was a Korean war veteran but he was. They draped a flag over his coffin and did the 21 gun salute to him too. The children are heart broken. It’s the first time they have really had to deal with death now that they are old enough to really understand. The first time was when the baby I had that died 4 years ago and that was a tough one too.

On the 8th I got a phone call from Papa Charlies lawyer. He asked me to come in for the reading of the will. I was totally confused because why would I have to be there? I had only known the man for a couple months. When I got there, I was the only one there other than the lawyer. I didn’t know that Papa Charlie didn’t have any other family at all. We were all he had.

Then the lawyer read the will. I almost went into shock. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Papa Charlie was sort of a wealthy man and left everything to my children and me. He had college funds set up for each of my children. He gave us his house and set up enough money in a trust fund to pay the taxes, homeowners insurance and anything that needed fixing for the rest of my life. Then the house goes to the kids and would be sold and divided between all of them.

He also set up a college fund for me so I could quit work and go to college and be able to take care of myself and the children. I was to get a monthly ‘allowence’ also to cover food, utilities and anything else that we needed. I’m still trying to let all of this soak in. All of this from a gentle, kind man that we only knew for a few months. I feel so honored. God Bless you Charlie Benson!!!!

New Years not starting off good at all

I just got a phone call from the hospital. It seems that Papa Charlie is in the hospital. I didn’t know he was sick at all. He never let on that there was anything wrong with him at all. He was always so happy. He has cancer. He’s dying and we never knew.

The children are all so upset because they know that without Papa Charlie, this Christmas wouldn’t have been nearly as good and I don’t mean just the presents. Papa Charlie brought joy to Christmas with him. He brought life to Christmas and the whole time, he was losing his own. Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

I hope and pray that he will get better and come home again. I hope and pray that if he doesn’t, at least maybe we gave him what he gave us for Christmas and that was family and joy. Prayer helps and I will be on my knees praying for Papa Charlie with my children beside me.