Kids Movies

There have been a lot of movies by Disney and other big companies for children. I rarely go to the movie theater to watch movies anymore, but I do enjoy renting a good movie on the weekend and watching it at home. I especially like to watch the children’s movies, but I have no desire to go to a theater with 300 screaming, crying brats all around me while I try to watch a movie. I like kids, but not other people’s spoiled kids. That’s not entertainment to me – that’s torture. LOL

Hot Tea

Last night I wanted something to drink but I didn’t want milk and I didn’t want anything carbonated. I decided to fix a nice cup of hot tea.

When I was a little girl, my mother would make tea for herself and a good friend, and sit on the front porch sipping tea and gossiping or talking about kids and sharing child raising tips. I just realized that is something that I’ve never done. But maybe I should!