Joy joy

Well the weather has turned a bit nasty outside. Not only has it been very cold, but now it is raining. Unfortunately it is not cold enough to snow. We just get this cold wet rain that makes everyone miserable. I hope that it doesn’t go down to freezing tonight, or we will have nothing but ice in the morning. That would not be good. Snow is good, ice is bad.

The kids are hoping that it will snow, but the weather man says that the rain is going to pass us by and there will be no snow. Poor babes want to build a snowman. I want to have a nice snowball fight with them. Hopefully, we can have a white Christmas and everyone will be happy.

Poor dad

My dad is getting hearing aid reviews , because he is losing his hearing. He has been fighting it for a long time now, but has finally given in over it. We all had to sit him down and tell him that we are tired of yelling just to speak to him. His life would be so much easier, if he gets a hearing aid. Not to mention, mom won’t have to worry about headaches from the TV being up too loud.

Date night

Tonight is our date night. The kids are at my sisters house and we are going out to the comedy club to have some laughs. We are going to have dinner and probably a little dancing later on. I am so excited. I can’t wait for him to get home. We haven’t had a date night in a while. Life sometimes gets in the way and we tend to forget to take some time for ourselves. I am going to start writing it on a calender for at least once every two weeks. I don’t have to have e very week, but every other week is a definite must. Have a great night, I know I will.

Four wheeling

As you guys know, we love to go four wheeling. I was reading Warn Reviews during a search for a new winch for the four wheeler. I found a lot of stuff by them, that I can use on my ATV. We spend a lot of time in the mud and water hen on the four wheeler’s, so a winch is definitely useful if I get stuck. I have had that happen a lot. I also have been looking for a new bumper for it, and they had exactly what I need.

There was one more thing I noticed and I will have to show it to my honey. Auto locking hubs for four wheel trucks that don’t turn or slip. Apparently the ones that come on the truck will move and is detrimental to handling and fuel economy. I know that getting good gas mileage is important, especially right now with gas as expensive as it is. It might be a good idea for us to change that out. Saving money is always a good thing, and saving money on gas is even better.

I can’t wait to order the new parts and get them installed. The sooner we have them, the sooner we can go out and have a weekend of four wheeling fun. I want to be able to go one weekend before Christmas gets here. We found a great state park in the Chattanooga area that has great trails for four wheeler’s and camping area’s as well. We are really excited about being able to go there soon. The weather has been perfect for riding and I hope it continues to stay that way. Even if it rains before hand it will be okay, because we can go mudding too. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Found another one

Oh I absolutely love this! I have found another site to get parts for the Jeep. My honey is going to be over the moon. We have done so much work on it and still have so much more to go. You can see Smittybilt Reviews here, and judge for yourself. We have been looking for the winch for the front end and roll bars for the inside. I am confident that when he gets home, he will be happy that I have found this site, because they have a lot of the stuff he is looking for.

The neoprene seat covers are nice, but the seat covers with all the pockets on the back are just amazing. We could fit a lot of the little stuff we need to take with us on camping trips in that. I could put the first aid kit, Mosquito repellent, sunblock, and much, much more in there. There is also a tailgate cover that also has storage pockets in it. Tools, fix a flat, and other repair kits could be stored in those as well. The over head console with hydration pack is really interesting. If we were stuck, we wouldn’t have to worry about not having water with us.

I am really encouraged by what I have seen on this site, as we like to take off to very remote areas and need a lot of supplies, with little room to do so. The merchandise I like will come in handy on just about every trip we take in the Jeep. I think I am going to show this to my honey and then make sure that some of it is bought for his Christmas presents, by myself and various family members who have already been asking what to get him. Now I will have a list to give them.


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I am already missing summer. I didn’t get to go out on the pontoon boat this summer as the motor broke down and we just didn’t have the money at the time to fix it. We are going to have it fixed over the winter, so that come spring time, we can hit the water with a vengeance to make up for lost time and fun.

Too funny

If everyone drank their coffee out of mugs like this, no one would ever be in a bad mood in the morning. I might buy one just for the giggle effect. I can just see me trying to pour my coffee every morning into it. I would be smiling before I ever had a sip of it.

Too sillly

Parts for Jeeps

My boyfriend has a Jeep that we use for off roading. He is very proud of this Jeep and keeps it in pristine condition. Finding after market parts for it used to be a problem, until he found Kentrol truck parts manufacturer. They have all of the stuff he could ever want to fix up his Jeep. Warrior Reviews can tell you all about Kentrol and what they do. We have bought a lot of parts through them and have plans to buy much more in the future.

They have stainless steel accessories that we really want to use on the Jeep, from bug sheilds, bumper, door and hood accessories to grill guards. I have never seen so many parts that could be used on his truck. One of the most recent things we put on the truck, was a Safari Sports Rack. Since we love to camp, we can load all of the camping equipment up on top and not have to worry about space. That is a major plus when you have kids and it’s a family camping trip. We always need a LOT of stuff to go camping. Now it’s not a problem anymore.

My man was reading about some of their stuff on Warrior Reviews and found that they have body armor for his truck. Now, he wants to put stainless body armor on the truck as well. I think it would look amazing like that, but I am not sure about it all being stainless. I am sure he knows what he is doing and it is his truck after all. He has really good taste too, so it’s all good. My oldest son is enjoying helping him fix the truck up. He makes sure to have my son there, and spend that time together. My son is now a serious Jeep enthusiast.

This is a paid post.

All the leaves have fallen

Blowing leaves
Blown down by the wind


The trees are practically empty now and the time has come to rake them up and burn them. I love the smell of the leaves burning in the chill air. I think this is a project for this weekend. I will get the kids out there with me and we will use the leaf blower and rakes to clean up the yard. We shouldn’t have to do much more to the yard throughout the winter after this weekend.

Car troubles

Well on my way to go get my tags renewed, my car started acting really off. I made it there and home, but now I think the time has come for a change. I have had this old car for so long, it’s almost a part of the family. However, with kids, I need to know that my transportation is reliable. So in light of this, I am looking at car lease deals to see who is offering what. I had thought about buying a newer used car, but I want something that is under warranty.

Warranty’s are important now a days. There is so much more electrical systems in the cars and can be very expensive to fix. My father will go with me to help me pick something reliable, but then that is what daddy’s are for. I will have to show him the car lease deals I find before we go. I will definitely not take the kids with me. I would never get to pick something out if I take them. They will all want something different and it would be a mad house. I guess I will have to do it while they are in school, which means dad will have to take the day off.