Spicy Town

My younger cousin sent me an email, inviting me to “meet her online” in Spicy Town. Spicy Town is a fictitious town in an online video game produced by the company that sells Slim Jim spicy snacks. So I went to the online game site to meet my cousin there. I had to create an avatar to use to play the game. It was kind of fun, creating the avatar. The avatar was called my “spicy side.” Setting up my “spicy side” was quick, easy, and amusing. I had to take a picture of myself and upload it to their site, then their program helped center my facial features around their pre-drawn outline of facial features, then they make a funny little creature with horns and funky hair, and then they turned me loose into the video game.

During the game I was supposed to go around collecting Slim Jim’s that I found lying around on the ground. I only found three, but I only played for a few minutes, trying to find my cousin. There were other people’s avatars in the game walking around too. Some seemed to be fighting with each other (I don’t know why, maybe one insulted the other, those spicy sides are unpredictable and uncontrollable!) some were just walking around ranting and raving. The game has chat functions and buddy lists, but I didn’t stay on it long enough to check those out, had to many other things that were demanding my attention at that time.

If you want to play the game yourself, go to spicyside.com!

Pig captured by using french fries as bait

It was with mixed emotions that I read the article on the local newspaper’s web-site, that the Vietnamese Pot Bellied pig that has been running loose since early March has been captured.  I had been hoping that the pig would be captured soon because I was afraid someone would kill him and eat him, so I was glad that he has been caught and is now safe and sound.  And I thought it was funny that the bait used to catch him was french fries.  Seems to me you could catch a lot of things using french fries as bait!

What did upset me was reading that the police captured him by baiting him with fries and then using a taser to stun the little guy!  In the long run, however, the guy is caught and is safe, and that is the important thing!

Now I know where they get them

You’ve seen the kids in their funky clothes these days just like I have. In fact, my kids have been asking for some of them but I have never seen a rave clothing store until I found this one online at beatdropscloset.com.

Now I know where they find all those things they wear. I must admit I do like some of the things the girls are wearing like the furry boots. They remind me of Cher when she first started with Sunny. Pretty neat if you ask me. Some of the clothes I’m not that crazy about so the kids will just have to be happy with what I get.