Okay so some of you are aware that I have type two diabetes. I “control” it through my food intake rather than medicine. I don’t believe in taking a ton of meds when it is not necessary. However I have dropped the ball here lately since I have been so busy. I really haven’t been eating right. I decided to change that and to add some vitamins to my daily intake as well. I found a daily packet that has five different vitamins that are good for women my age. Believe it or not, age is a factor when taking vitamins. At different ages you need different ones for different things. Like for heart and bones and such. I am happy that I made this small but important change in my life.

It’s a family thing

Since the whole family seems to be learning an instrument, I decided to start playing again myself. I am looking for a keyboard piano so I can accompany the kids as they are learning to read music and play their respective instruments. I think this would make for a great family time for us all in the evenings. What do you think?

Conference for work today

I had a conference with the CEO a little while ago about policy and procedure. Things have just not been working right and there has been a lot of miss-communication between departments. There needs to be a set parameter of how things are done and there used to be, but no one seems to be following them now. Apparently they are trying to find better ways to work things and messing it all up in the process. It has been driving me absolutely crazy all week. *sigh* I need a vacation!

New drum heads

Well I just had to order new evans drum heads for my guys drums. He has beat on the old ones so much that they just can’t take anymore abuse and need to be changed. I had hoped they would last a bit longer, but that is apparently not the case. No matter, I have already ordered them and they will come in soon. Then he can go back to beating them up again. I am certainly glad that they are in the shed that we built just for him.

Up early

Well today I just couldn’t seem to get back to sleep when my honey left for work. So I got up and started laundry at six o’clock in the morning. I took out something for dinner and I have been cleaning already. Now I am going to sit here and get some work done for a couple of hours I hope. Of course the kids will be up soon and I will have to fix them breakfast, but that won’t take long. Perhaps I can get everything done by noon and take the kids to the park or the lake. Depends on the weather I suppose.

Hope this works!

Bad summer for bugs

The winter was so mild, that the bugs are really bad this year. Fly’s, horse fly, deer fly’s, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas are horrible. I decided to buy some horst fly sheets for the horses. They will help keep the pests from annoying them or causing sores on them. Since they are light weight, they wont over heat them either. I know that the horses will be more comfortable then they were last summer.

Raising kids is not easy

In today’s world, raising children can be daunting. How do you give the a good moral compass, when there are so many outside influences to corrupt what you teach them? I have taken the honesty approach with my kids. I talk to them about everything. Doesn’t matter if it is sex, drugs, violence, etc… I even talk to them about politics and world events.

I think it helps that I treat them as adults when it comes to our talks. I don’t talk down to them, but I let them know that there are really bad things they can get into trouble for if they are not careful. Certain stuff may seem innocuous, but it isn’t. I totally recommend talking to your kids as if you were talking to a friend and not a child. They are smarter then you think…

New software

I found some new software that can help with my web to print stuff. The eoncode web 2 print has some really good features that will make my stuff easier to access and print. The kids can even use it for some of their school projects as well. I can hardly wait to use it and see how well it works. I have a lot of projects to do over the next few weeks, so we shall see.

So beautiful, yet so sad

This song is so beautiful, yet so sad. I think about all of the fathers out there who don’t get to see their children grow up and the kids who wonder where daddy is and if he is thinking of them. It is very humbling to think about how the fathers must feel when they cannot be there. Not all fathers are dead beats. Some just have jobs that keep them away far too long.