Christmas Eve at last

The children and I always go to my mothers on Christmas eve for dinner and to open presents there. It’s the day my children have looked forward to since Thanksgiving. Santa comes tonight and they are all excited to see what is in their presents and what Santa has brought.

This year, Charlie, their adopted grandpa will join us at my mothers. He has been a blessing to us. He tells me that we have been more of a blessing to him than he could ever be to us because through us, we have given him Christmas back. That’s a wonderful thing for him to say. He is spoiling the kids something awful but that’s part of what Christmas is for, spoiling the children.

It’s also a day to reflect on what the season is really for. We always have a birthday cake for Christmas day so we can celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. I want them to always know that Christmas is not just about toys and stuff. It’s about salvation. Salvation of our soul and salvation of our lives that we live today. Does that make any sense to you? I hope so. Because that’s my Christmas wish for each of you that has visited my blog, the joy and wonder of the birth of Jesus Christ and a joy filled Christmas.

Are you finished yet?

I know so many people that keep telling me they’re finished with all of their Christmas shopping. How can that be? I’m not even half finished yet. I know that Christmas is just around the corner but it’s kind of hard to go shopping when you have to work the stupid hours I do and then try and get away from the kids too. Well it’s next to impossible.

I got the Wii for them and a couple other little things but I need a boys bicycle, a girls bicycle and a skateboard too. Then there’s helmets for all three and knee and elbow pads to go with the skateboard. There just aren’t enough hours in a day or dollars in my purse either!! I’ll just be glad when it’s all over.

Bah-Humbug, HUH? I’m sorry!! I’m just stressed and really tired. I need a long winters nap. How about you wake me when it’s over, does that sound better?

Putting up the tree this weekend

The kids have been bugging me like crazy wanting to put our Christmas tree up. I just haven’t had any time with all the overtime I have been working to be able to buy the kids Christmas presents this year. I am so thankful that I still have my job because I know so many people that have lost their jobs lately it’s scary.

Anyway, I had this weekend off (an act of God made that happen) and we’re finally putting up our tree. My mother got us a really nice artificial tree one year after Christmas so I wouldn’t have to spend money on a live on every year. Besides, it just doesn’t feel right to me to kill a tree to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Do you know what I’m saying?

Now once we get the tree up, the kids are going to be asking where the presents are. I got to start working on that too. What to get for who for under the tree.  There’s always clothes and underwear. They hate to get that!!!!

You are not going to believe this

I got a great deal on a Wii for my children for Christmas. I was on Craigslist and someone had a new one they had bought for their teen-aged son and he just really messed up so they sold it to me for $25.00. I was totally shocked since these things cost at the cheapest I’ve seen $235.00.

I didn’t want to ask them what he did but it must have been pretty bad. I really dread when my kids hit those teen-aged years. My oldest is a teenager but my mother is raising him so she has most of the headaches with that. I remember my teenage years, especially since I had my first at barely 16 years old.

Anyway back to my excitement. Now I can ask other people to get them some of the really cool games they have for them. It came with a couple of games too. So the whole thing was just nothing short of a blessing for my children and me. I just hate that it took a teenager messing up for my kids to benefit. I honestly hope and pray that what ever it was he did, that he learned a good lesson from it and will be a good boy from now on.

I’m still stuffed

Well this had to be one of the best Thanksgivings I can remember. The children were all here with me, we have a new family friend that joined us too, and the rest of the family all gathered at Ma-maw’s house through out the day. Some came for dinner and some just for desert. It was wonderful.

The kids stayed with Ma maw so I could hit the sales Friday. I really saved some money and got most of my shopping done too. I got one of my sons a remote controlled dragon fly. He’s going to love it. I got my oldest son a ‘boom box’ I guess they still call them but this one is remote controlled and he can plug his MP3 player into it and play it through it. Pretty cool I thought.

My daughter is in love with the movie Frozen so I got her several things related to that. I know she’ll be thrilled with them. I’m not finished shopping yet but I’m getting close.