Revamping My Closet This Weekend

Now that it is officially fall, the weather has definitely turned chilly. So, it’s that time of year for me to totally revamp my closet. It’s a chore I dread, because I love summer and I don’t want to admit that I cannot wear all my cute shorts and summer dresses anymore. But then again, getting out all my cold weather clothes is exciting. It is like reconnecting with old friends! Hello, Sweater! I haven’t seen you for, what? At LEAST 6 months!

Another upside to revamping my closet this weekend is that I will need to go shopping and buy a few new things to update my wardrobe. Cleaning out the closet makes room for new stuff! I want to get a couple pairs of new jeans, a rain jacket and this year I am looking for a pair of new boots. Shopping will be my reward for getting this chore done over the weekend.

Critters Getting Into My Garden

I have a garden that I planted this year. It’s in the only spot of my whole yard that gets enough sun to grow anything. My neighbor lady is mad at me for planting the garden there – she says that I should have put it in my back yard instead of the side yard, because “no one wants to look at that!” I have to tell you – I was actually offended that she told me that. I don’t see anything wrong with having a small vegetable garden in the side yard, and there are so many trees in my back yard that nothing will grow back there – not even grass!

For the past several mornings when I go to check the garden and water it, I have found one of the bean plants broken off and ruined. I suspect that some kind of critter is getting into my garden at night and braking off the bean plants. We have skunks, foxes, rabbits, raccoons and deer in my neighborhood. Do you think any of them are interested in beans?

I have no idea what kind of critter it would be – and I sure hope that it is not my neighbor doing it to spite me!

Wrapping Paper is Gone

There are a few rolls of leftover wrapping paper from last Christmas, but I cannot seem to find them anywhere. I checked the basement, I checked the hall closet, and I even poked around in the garage. I wonder who moved the wrapping paper and where would they have put it? I certainly hope they were not stupid enough to throw it away. Wrapping paper is expensive and it does not go bad unless it gets wet. I am about on the war path about this. I had better find that wrapping paper by this weekend or there will be drama in this house!

Litter Control

I wonder why some streets and neighborhoods always seem to be clean and orderly – and others always seem to have trash scattered along the side of the road, piles of trash alongside the houses and old broken down cars left in the yards, driveways or streets? Is it really a function of the neighborhood and the standards of the people who live there? Or is there more to it than that?

My neighborhood is always spotless and yet I never see a clean up crew walking down the street picking up litter. That’s probably because there is not any litter left in the street in the first place. I know that I have to pick up an empty can or stray piece of paper from along the edge of the street every once in a while. If I see it there – even across the street by my neighbor’s property, I’ll pick up the litter and dispose of it. That only takes a minute and I don’t mind doing my part to keep the neighborhood looking nice.

Reduce Trash

Our neighborhood has two different companies service our area for trash collection. They are private companies that send out monthly bills. If you don’t pay these people, you have to carry your trash to the landfill, which is about 20 minutes from my house. The amount I would spend in gas alone is more than what I have to pay the trash company.

I decided to try to reduce the amount of trash that I put at the curb. If you have any tips on reducing and reusing household items, I’d love to read them as comments here. Thanks!

Dogwoods are so Pretty!

When I was a little girl, my parents had a huge white Dogwood tree in our yard. My mother especially loved that tree. She wanted to buy more Dogwoods and plant them around the house, but my dad said that buying trees was ridiculous and a waste of good money. He said that if God wanted us to have more Dogwood trees in our yard, then He would have some of the seeds from our tree take root and grow on their own without needing any help from us.

I never did agree with my dad about many things, especially the way he would use God as an excuse to not have or do things. But I do love Dogwoods, like my mother did. And I don’t mind spending $30 of my own money to plant one in my yard.

Too Hot

The weather forecast for this entire weekend is Hot Hot Hot. The temperature will be at least 100 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. Then when you add humidity to the air, the temperature will feel more like 106 – 110 degrees.

This is too hot for me to do anything outdoors unless I really have to. The yard needs mowing and weed whacking, but I’ll have to do that very early in the morning or wait another day or two. The problem with cutting grass early is that it not only disturbs the neighbors but the dew on the grass makes the cut uneven and clogs the mower.

Sunday morning music

Well we did have a weekend to ourselves and on Sunday morning, we always play some type of gospel music unless it offends any of our guests.  This Sunday, we decided was a perfect Sunday to hear Elvis sing gospel.  This is one of my favorites because you can see the pure joy in his face and hear it in his voice as he sings for fun with JD Sumner and the Stamps quartet. Thank goodness for youtube so I could share this with you.

You have to check this site out!!

Running a business like a Bed and Breakfast is pure pleasure for me but as the times have been tighter lately, then I have really started using discount coupons.  I have always been a penny pincher but now I find myself pinching even more.

With a business like mind, there’s always something I’m wanting to buy for the different rooms like grandfather clocks for the old fashioned rooms and the entrance hall.  Would you believe that I even found Grandfather clock discount coupons?  Well I did and also found some great savings with them.  Now I can buy more than I thought I would be able to.

I’m thinking about a web site

Most all of my advertisement for my Bed and Breakfast has come from word of mouth.  One of the college students that worked for me through the summer and part time after they go back to college has offered to build me a web site about my place.  I told them to shoot out some ideas at me and I would let them know.

The more I think of it, the better I like the idea.  It could bring in more business and is a good way of getting my place better known in the whole cyber-space instead of just in this area and by word of mouth.  I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.