Too Long Lines

I promised to help out a friend and give them a ride to the Drivers License office. This is obviously a state government office, staffed by government employees. They are strict about what time they open doors, who gets waited on first, and keeping everyone in long lines.

The long lines are what I absolutely hate about dealing with the government. You cannot ever just walk up to someone and get help with your problem. You always have to figure out what line to get into and then you wait FOREVER to get even a simple question answered. And, GOD HELP YOU if you get in the wrong dang line!

Choosing a Charity

I want to donate something that will be helpful to the people of Japan who are suffering from the earthquake and tsunami a couple of days ago. I am so upset to learn of all the devastation. It is not practical to try to mail anything or ship things all the way over there. It costs too much to ship anything and it takes too long to get there. If you know of a good charity that would put a small cash donation to good use, please leave me a comment or send me an email with the information. I am willing to consider any charity except for the Red Cross.