Rainy and Cold New Year’s Eve

Well, everyone that I know was planning to go downtown and party on the riverfront tonight. But the weather forecast is for cold temperatures and 80% chance of rain. I don’t think that sounds very appealing to me, so maybe I’ll cancel on the downtown party.

If I stay home and watch the New Year’s Eve show, I can have some little finger foods and wine. In fact, I think I have a bottle of champagne in the back of the refrigerator. So I can have my own little party right here and not worry about being cold and wet on the first hour of the new year.

Christmas Traditions Can Differ a Lot

When I was a kid, we had Christmas on just one day – Christmas Day – and it was a very busy day for us. We always woke up early and tore into the presents under our tree in the living room. Then we had brunch, got dressed up and visited my Grandmother at her house. We always took gifts to her house for her and she always had gifts for us waiting under her tree. We visited for a couple of hours and then left her house and went to my other grandparent’s house for a huge family party.

I am amazed to learn that many people open their gifts on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas morning. Some families hang stockings and some don’t. Some families don’t even have Santa come visit – I think that is sad. Even when the kids are grown, everyone still likes to get a little gift from Santa!

Alligators Dancing for Christmas

graphic of alligators dancing

One of my good friends was born and raised in Louisiana. I found this cute graphic of alligators dancing while wearing Santa hats. I posted it on his Facebook wall and he got a great laugh about it. I think it is so cute!

Last Full Moon of the Year

I hope the skies are clear tonight so I can see the last full moon of the year. This month is special with our night skies, as there are planetary alignments and Jupiter is extra close to the Earth so it is the second brightest light in the sky, after only the moon.

Last night it was mostly clear but something in the atmosphere made the moon appear to have a large halo around it. I could not stop staring at it. I love the night sky, especially after midnight when everyone in the neighborhood is sound asleep and there is no traffic. It is a magical, peaceful time.