Hey Cammy

One of my friends from work was talking about her blog while we were in the kitchen taking our lunch break. I didn’t know Cameron even had a blog! I have told all my friends at work about my blog – but I bet no one even cares. My work friends are good people to work with, but once 5:00 roles around they are gone.

Photos on the Internet

A friend of mine was talking about her photographer friend up in Illinois. He has been doing part time photo shoots for years and she says some of his work is really good. I asked where to find samples of his work and she says that he just puts a few up on Facebook. I think he should make a photoblog and put a new photo up at least once a week. He’ll get a good fan base and referrals that way.

Old Sayings

My grandmother used to have some favorite sayings about things and I never hear those phrases any more. I wonder why people stop using the cute catch phrases? She used to say, “That’s for the birds.” She also used to ask if “Anyone need to tinkle?” before we left the house to run errands or visit friends. I miss some of her little sayings.