Okay, where did March go?

I’ve been so busy lately that March just flew by.  Between the normal spring cleaning that we do and looking for new items to accessorize the rooms we rent out, I just didn’t realize that March was gone today.  I was also looking for some new bedspreads for the rooms for summer.  Instead of new bedspreads,  I found some absolutely gorgeous duvet covers at plumeriabay.com online.  I didn’t realize just how beautiful a duvet set could be.  It sure makes it easy to turn your winter look to a spring look in no time at all.

I was amazed at the  colors, the accessories that came with them and the total transformation they would make to a room.  Not to mention, they fold up flat and require a lot less storage room when you take them off to store for the winter.  I have to admit, I was tickled pink when I found these.  You have to see them to appreciate them.  They come with pillow shams and covers for your accent pillows too.  Check them out for yourself and I bet you’ll fall in love with them too!!!

I just couldn’t resist

I have been looking to sort of fix up the place when I realized that I could use a new look myself.  I found some great deals online with coupons to places like Old Navy Stores.  I don’t know about you but I love Old Navy Stores.  They have some great deals and some even better sales too.  But what I liked about this site is it’s linked right to Old Navy Stores online and you can use the coupon when you check out.

Shopping online saves you not only with the coupons but you don’t have to run out any of your gas either.  If you live out in the boonies like I do, that adds up quick.  Do an online coupon search and you’ll be amazed at how many sites there are like shopwiki.com.  That’s one of my favorite sites because you can find just about anything on there.

Adding some pizazz to the house

I told you that there were fireplaces in every room and also in the main family room and dining room.  Fireplaces should be a focal point in any room and so I’ve decided to add some pizazz to them to do just that.  I love Blomus Stainless Steel.  It’s not only excellent quality but they make some beautiful things.  I found everything I wanted it at thestainlesssteelstore.com online.  I have gotten some of the fireplaces for some of the rooms from this site since they didn’t have built in fireplaces and they have been a huge hit with my guests.  How do you like it?


I was looking to accessorize some of them a little more.   Since some of the fireplaces are Blomus Stainless Steel fireplaces, I really think the fireplace tools would look nice with them.  In fact, there are several Blomus Stainless Steel things I want to get not only for each bedroom but for the kitchen and also for the main family room.  Oh I could go on and on but I better stop before I spend more than I mean to if you know what I mean.  With the economy so tight, my business is already off a bit so I better not splurge too awfully much.  This is the tool set I’m getting.  What do you think?


Looking for a new mailbox now

Some kids have been running up and down the road knocking every one’s mailboxes off of their posts.  I decided I needed a new, more secure mailbox that not only looked great but just might stop those kids from knocking it off of the post.  I decided to check online at mailboxixchange.com and found exactly what I needed. They have a wide variety of mailboxes to choose from and and I had no idea of just how many different types of mailboxes there were.

I never really thought much about them in all reality because I usually just went to a local hardware store and picked one up.  Well these mailboxes will protect your mail from someone steeling your mail and possibly steeling your identity which is going on more and more with the economy in the shape it’s in now.  I know that I can sleep at night and not have to worry if my mailbox will be there in the morning and I also know that my mail is safe and secure because without the key, no one can get into my mailbox but myself or one of my staff.  You just can’t be too careful these days and this mailbox sure helps you to do just that, be careful.

Time for spring to bring in the new life

Everyone gets into the mood to do spring cleaning and making everything look better after a long winters hibernation in some cases.  Well my place is no different.  Every spring, I always look around to find something that might need a little fine tuning to make the place even more inviting.  Well this year, I decided to start by taking an honest look at it from the road.  I know what it looks like from inside but you need to view from the road to spark some interest in what’s inside.

There is a nice sign at the road telling the name of the place and what it is but it needs a touch of ‘class’.  That I found in a custom address sign.  It hangs off of the sign that has the name on it and I had my choice of what I wanted on top of it.  JustAddressPlaques.com had the best selection I could find online.  I loved the selection they had.  It was hard to decide which one I wanted but once I did and put it up, it was absolutely perfect.  It was just what I needed to bring the attention to my sign that I was looking for.  The home address plaque on the front porch worked great too.

Well it looks like the economy is starting to hit

Even there was snow here, business was off just a bit.  In fact, I don’t have half the reservations that I normally do on the books this time of year.  I have to admit it’s the slow season for us because people are ready for spring and warm weather and are more interested in hitting the beaches rather than the mountains but by now, we usually have several weekends already booked solid for late spring and into the summer.

I guess people are afraid to make any reservations right now for fear of not knowing what will be happening then.  I’ll have to come up with some other ways to bring people in.  That’s one thing about owning your own business, you have to stay up on ways to improve your business.