Peace love and pets

drawing of symbols for peace love and pets
Peace, love and pets is what we all need in life to be happy. I wish everyone could enjoy having a dog or cat in their home, a peaceful life and lots of love. That’s what it is all about. I have been blessed with many pets throughout my life. I love my dogs and I miss my cats. But in this house, we can’t have cats anyway.

Happy Birthday Cassandra

My girlfriend, Cassandra, who used to live here but moved away to Oklahoma is having a big birthday today – she turns 30! Wow! That is a milestone.I wish she was still living here so we could go out and celebrate with a nice dinner and some fun! We still keep in touch with our blogs. Her’s is called The Twin Diaries – because last year she had twin girls and had to move closer to her family for help with all her kids. At least they promised to help but then after she got out there they didn’t do shit for her and now she is stuck out there.

My dad used to tell me that where you are are in life when you turn 30 is an indicator of how the rest of your life is going to turn out. Such as, if you are married and doing well financially, you will probably be stable and secure for most of the rest of your life. But if your life is a hot mess at 30, then you are probably never going to be happy and successful.

I don’t know why 30 is the magic number, but he pointed out a lot of good examples from friends and relatives who were doing well at 30 and still are, and the few black sheep that were having drama at 30 are still pretty much having drama in their daily lives.

for Cassandra, I think it could go either way. She has been working toward a more stable and secure life, but she has a lot of family issues and too much drama from all the baby daddies. I sure hope that things just keep getting better for her and her kids. Maybe she will find a way to move back out here – I would love that!

Surrounded By Difficult People

All day today has been really challenging for me. I feel like everyone around me is going out of their way to be difficult. Even people who are normally very sweet and friendly are acting rude. Maybe it is something in the water? It’s not the full moon, so we can’t blame that. But I have bitten my tongue way too many times today in the interest of keeping the peace and not offending anyone. I hope tomorrow these same difficult people change back to their normal selves and appreciate how much trouble they’ve been. If they show up grumpy again for a second day, I think I will have to leave early and just escape. I don’t think that I can put up with so much stuff two days in a row. I don’t have enough patience to be babysitting everyone who is supposed to be a grown up anyway.

Apron in a Rainbow Tie Dye Pattern

Look at my new apron! It was made by friends of mine in Virginia who do tie dye designs and sell them at a little store in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Photo of apron tie dye
Milky Wave Tie Dye Makes Aprons, Shirts and all kinds of wonderful tie dye items

Laz and Jessica are a wonderful young hippie couple who do amazing tie dye work. I had them make this apron for me since we have the holidays coming up. I always spend the entire day on thanksgiving in the kitchen and then I bake cookies all throughout December, so this new apron will be getting a real workout starting next week!

Strange Skies This Week

This week has been all about the weather and the moon and some very strange skies. First of all, we had a huge earthquake just of the coast of Western Canada. It was so big that it triggered a very Tsunami that put all of Hawaii in danger. Since I have some very good friends who live in Hawaii, it worried me quite a bit. Thankfully, the tsunami was not as bad as they feared and there was no damage.

But right after that we started hearing about a major hurricane threat that was forming in the Atlantic. Although large storms are rare this time of year, it is officially hurricane season through November. The weather forecasters warned that not only was this storm very large and powerful, but that it was about to collide with a major cold front coming down from Canada and that the full moon with the highest high tides would make this storm a big threat for flooding all along the East Coast.

The hurricane did turn out to be a perfect storm. It did hit on the New Jersey and New York coastlines and we have terrible flooding throughout 20 states. Plus, the cold front has brought snow to some states and those people have blizzard conditions.

Here the storm has had little effect although we have had some rain and it has gotten colder. But the skies have been eerie. There are some beautifully strange phenomenons occurring, with the clouds and lights from a winter sun and the full moon. I wish I could have taken some photos of the halos I saw a couple of night ago, but the camera would not take a decent photo in the darkness and show the effects that I was seeing with my eyes. I think someone down in Alabama got some good photos of the daylight halos. If I can find a photo to download and share I will post it here. It is beautiful and eerie at the same time.