Ham or Lamb?

All the Easter dinners I’ve ever had all my life have been centered around a ham. It’s just been our family tradition to get a half a ham and serve it on Easter Sunday for dinner. Then we have ham leftover for sandwiches the following week and a big ham bone to make bean soup by the weekend.

For some reason several of my friends are planning on having lamb for their Easter dinner. I don’t know why they prefer lamb but I find it interesting that family traditions can be so different.

Well, I have already bought my ham for dinner tomorrow. I am looking forward to keeping my family tradition going.

I hope everyone has a nice Easter.

Dogwoods are so Pretty!

When I was a little girl, my parents had a huge white Dogwood tree in our yard. My mother especially loved that tree. She wanted to buy more Dogwoods and plant them around the house, but my dad said that buying trees was ridiculous and a waste of good money. He said that if God wanted us to have more Dogwood trees in our yard, then He would have some of the seeds from our tree take root and grow on their own without needing any help from us.

I never did agree with my dad about many things, especially the way he would use God as an excuse to not have or do things. But I do love Dogwoods, like my mother did. And I don’t mind spending $30 of my own money to plant one in my yard.