Nagging Thoughts

Everyone has a little voice in their head that talks to them. Some people call it your conscience. Others call it self-speak.

My little voice keeps telling me that today’s date is significant but i cannot remember what is so special about it. It’s not anyone’s birthday or anniversary and I don’t have tickets to any shows or events. It’s driving me crazy! What is so important about June 15?

Free Fishing Day

Tomorrow is a special day that is not advertised very much but people who care will keep track and know when it comes. Tomorrow is free fishing day – when anyone can go fishing on any public water in the state of Tennessee and they do not need a fishing license.

I like to go fishing but I don’t think that spending $20 on a fishing license makes much sense if I am only going to use it once or twice over the year. Especially since I don’t even keep the fish and eat them – I believe in catch and release. So the fishing license and the parking fee charged at all the public lake access areas makes fishing awfully expensive for just a couple of hours standing on the banks holding a fishing pole.

Cookies and Milk

Dinner was over two hours ago and I’ve got the munchies. I don’t know what has fired up my sweet tooth, but i am craving cookies or something sweet tonight. I don’t even buy cookies at the grocery store, so I cannot exactly go to the cupboard and pull out a bag of cookies. If I want cookies then I have to bake them.

My favorite cookie recipe is the authentic recipe for Toll House Cookies that is printed right on the package for Nestles semi-sweet chocolates. It is tried and true and the only thing that I change sometimes is I add chopped nuts or I leave the nuts out.

There is nothing so comforting as a late night snack as a couple of cookies still warm from the oven and a big glass of ice cold milk. That’s what I need tonight, so I guess I will be mixing up a batch of cookie dough and baking a dozen tonight before bed.