Turkey Turkey Goose

This year we are doing something different for Thanksgiving. We are cooking a goose. I’ve never cooked one before and am looking forward to learning some new tricks in the kitchen. Most of the side dishes will be traditional Thanksgiving foods – like green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. But We are going to have turkey at Christmas so I wanted something different for Thanksgiving. I hope that whatever you are cooking turns out moist and delicious, and that you have a wonderful holiday with loved ones nearby

Wrapping Paper is Gone

There are a few rolls of leftover wrapping paper from last Christmas, but I cannot seem to find them anywhere. I checked the basement, I checked the hall closet, and I even poked around in the garage. I wonder who moved the wrapping paper and where would they have put it? I certainly hope they were not stupid enough to throw it away. Wrapping paper is expensive and it does not go bad unless it gets wet. I am about on the war path about this. I had better find that wrapping paper by this weekend or there will be drama in this house!

Veterans Parade Tomorrow

There was a news item about road closures tomorrow for a Veteran’s Day parade. I was surprised that they are actually having a parade. This area just does not seem to be in the spirit of many parades. They do have a short Christmas parade downtown, but it seems that whatever day they pick for the Christmas parade is guaranteed to be bad weather on that date. I wonder if they will have good weather tomorrow and I hope they have a good turnout to honor our Veterans.

Pushing the Holidays

Ads are on TV for Christmas already. I really don’t like that. We have just finished with Halloween and haven’t even done Veteran’s Day yet. The next holiday is Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving and want to celebrate for the day of thanks in which it was originally intended – not for it being the day before Black Friday.

Can’t these holidays get their own due without being tarnished with Christmas advertisements? Why am I having to think about Christmas already?