Single and Not Minding That

Yes, I’m single and I’m OK with it on Valentine’s Day. In some ways, it is better to be single and dating several guys – you get more gifts! I resent a Facebook friend’s comment that I should be eating ice cream and crying tonight.

The guy is a family friend is serving in the Navy and he recently got engaged. Of course, I am happy for him and his fiance, but I do wonder if this is going to be a long term, successful relationship. Almost all of their communication has been long distance phone calls, which have to be short because of the expense, and emails. I do not think that you really get to know someone well after less than a year’s emails and short phone calls. I hope they don’t get married right away – in my opinion they should wait until he is out of the Navy and they have more time together in person.

One of the fun things about being single is getting to know other people. I have found that it takes time to get past the fake bravado and extra efforts that people make for their first impressions. I want to know what the guy is like when real life happens, not just dates. How does he handle an emergency? How does he act when he doesn’t get his way? What does he do when he is not with you? How does he interact with children and senior citizens? All of these things have to do with character and values. If his values are far different from yours, you need to know that before going deeper into a relationship.

Anyway, I’m dating three different guys right now. I am not looking for a husband as much as someone to spend time with doing fun things. I am very happy being single and I loved getting roses, candy and a beautiful necklace from the guys in my life. I can assure my FB friend in the Navy that were no tears and ice cream for me tonight.


New Converts Can Be So Annoying

This girl who used to work with me keeps popping up around town. I have seen her at a couple of restaurants, at the YMCA, and in the grocery store. I always make an effort to go up to her and say hello, ask how she is doing, etc. But she is a new convert and last night, when I saw her at the grocery store, she started preaching a bunch of stuff about being saved and told me that I am going to Hell. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to get into a deep religious discussion in the produce section of my grocery store.

I think the annoying part was her judgment of me and attempt to convert me along with her. She asked me the most bizarre question and since I didn’t giver her the answer she wanted, she started attacking my personal beliefs. I had to raise my voice and tell her to back off – in the middle of the grocery store! Good grief!

Oh, her question to me was, “How do you know that you are going to Heaven?” and it wasn’t really about her caring about me so much as an attack on my beliefs. That really pissed me off. If you want to talk about religion with me, invite me over to your place some night and we can share a glass of wine and talk about it in a constructive conversation. Don’t ambush me in the grocery store and tell me that I’m going to Hell.

Fake Apologies Don’t Count

When someone is truly remorseful and sincerely want to make things right, they offer an apology and make every effort to find a way to set things right. I think that the things said last week by Rush Limbaugh were reprehensible and his weak and transparent attempt to pacify his advertisers was fake. What he said over the weekend and this morning were not sincere apologies – they were public relations attempts to make light of the issue and carry one. It was not good enough for me and I am glad to see that at least 8 advertisers have pulled their support. I wonder who will be stupid enough to step up and replace those advertisers? I will not give any of them my business, you can count on that.

Rude People

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to deal with rude people? I seem to have to deal with rude people almost every time I go out of my house lately. They are rude shoppers at the grocery store, like those who abuse the quick check out lane. You are only have to supposed to have a certain number of items in your cart but there always seem to be one person in the crowd who thinks their “just 5 or 6” extra items should still give them a free pass in the quick checkout lane.

I don’t know about you but I am going to start calling out these people. I am going to loudly suggest they learn to count and learn to find the right check out lanes in the future. I might even make a fake cell phone call and loudly describe the situation. Maybe make up a story about how I would have been right home to take care of the sick baby or to pick up someone who is going to be late now because of some inconsiderate person abusing the quick check out lane.

Pushing the Holidays

Ads are on TV for Christmas already. I really don’t like that. We have just finished with Halloween and haven’t even done Veteran’s Day yet. The next holiday is Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving and want to celebrate for the day of thanks in which it was originally intended – not for it being the day before Black Friday.

Can’t these holidays get their own due without being tarnished with Christmas advertisements? Why am I having to think about Christmas already?

Jerks Anonymous


Sometimes I think I am the jerk magnet – not the jerk whisperer. I have had enough with the jerks at work. Please make tomorrow a jerk-free day. I need a break.

Too Long Lines

I promised to help out a friend and give them a ride to the Drivers License office. This is obviously a state government office, staffed by government employees. They are strict about what time they open doors, who gets waited on first, and keeping everyone in long lines.

The long lines are what I absolutely hate about dealing with the government. You cannot ever just walk up to someone and get help with your problem. You always have to figure out what line to get into and then you wait FOREVER to get even a simple question answered. And, GOD HELP YOU if you get in the wrong dang line!

Something different about a regular guest

There is this one couple that has been coming here for the past 4 years.  I see them several times a year in fact but there was something a bit different about the lady this time.  Come to find out, she had plastic surgery done.  It was absolutely amazing how much younger she looked.

Now I’m not as old as she is but it sure started me thinking just a bit.  If you are going to have something like this done, please make sure you find a reputable plastic surgeon.  We have all seen and heard about the nightmares of a bad plastic surgeon so what ever you do, make sure you find a good one and not some fly by night doctor.  I sure will if and when I have something like that done.  In fact, I’ll ask Mrs. Thompson who did hers since she looks so good.

Well ‘Happy Birthday’ big brother

I have an older brother……………well he’s my foster brother that moved in with my family when I was 12 and he was 15.  I used to want a big brother so very bad until I got one.  They can be a real pain, ya know!!  But I loved him anyway and consider him my brother and not just a foster brother.

Well today he turns 55 years old.  That means it’s been 40 years since he became my big brother too.  I am so proud to let you know that he is a Catholic Priest too even though our family isn’t Catholic.  He does wonderful things for his ‘flock’ too.  The only thing I hate is that we have not seen him in about 15 years or more.  That’s okay, he’s doing Gods work so ‘Happy Birthday’ to you brother of mine!!!!  Love and miss you lots!