Cultural Mixing Pot

There is one place in this city where you can go and see the biggest diversity of cultures all in one place. Do you know where that would be? There are probably a lot og good guesses, but the place I am talking about is Sam’s Club – the warehouse shopping store.

I was in Sam’s club with my friend, Pacaras, last night. I never heard so many different foreign languages being spoken in the aisles before. It seems like I was the only English speaking customer in the whole store last night. Not that it is bad – just remarkable to discover that in this white bread city. Even Pacaras noticed it and mentioned it while we were on our way across the parking lot.

Spam and Hackers – The Villains of Today

It seems every generation has their particular villains. I know that hackers and people who send all this awful spam are the villains of today. The hackers can strike any time and all you can do is install virus protection software and change your passwords. The spammers get filtered out and blocked now – thank goodness. So I have to wonder if the spamming actually produces anything for those awful people?

Quick Roast

My roommate wants to buy a roasting pan. I say, use the Reynolds Cooking Bags. They are inexpensive, they work great and they make clean up a snap. The bags keeps in all the juices and the meats always turn out moist and juicy and flavorful. Plus, they cook faster so the oven is on less time. I love the cooking bags.

Deep Woods Off

What did the people do back in the old days before there was Deep Woods Off? That stuff is like magic and it keeps all the biting bugs away. I can’t imagine 100 years ago having to be outside and dealing with biting flies and mosquitoes with no way to stop them. Ugh – mosquito bites are awful, and I’ve been bit by black flies, green flies and horse flies before. But now I use Deep Woods Off before heading out – what a difference that makes!