Not Many Trick or Treaters at my House

This year we did not have many Trick or Treaters at my house. That was disappointing to me. I love holidays and was looking forward to handing out candy to lots of little kids. There are not many kids in my neighborhood, I guess.

I bought three bags of mixed candies and put them in a bowl by the door. When the kids rang my doorbell I offered them the bowl to take whatever they wanted. I think that is more fun for the kids than the adult rationing out just one or two pieces and not letting the kids choose what they like.

The doorbell only rang 6 times and altogether I think it was maybe 20 kids came to the door. All of the groups had at least one adult with them, which was good. Only one of the kids looked to be older – he might have been a parent or just an older brother escorting the little kids. He was wearing a mask so I couldn’t tell how old he might have been.

By eight o’clock they were all gone. I hope the kids who did get out had a good time. I wish there had been more.

I Have Always Loved Horses

wild horses

This is a picture of horses that really caught my attention. I have always loved horses and have ridden since I was only 4 years old. I have always wanted to go out west and watch wild horses running free across the plains. That is something on my bucket list that I intend to do within the next year.

Pumpkin Patch Hunting

Today I went to the local Pumpkin Patch and hunting the most perfectly round big pumpkin I could find. I had a large one last year that was taller than it was round and it carved really nice. But I wanted something different this year.

The pumpkin patch had the pumpkins grouped by size. The really big ones were $40! Wow! I couldn’t believe that people are willing to spend $40 on a pumpkin that they don’t even eat – they just carve it and set it outside to decorate their porch.

The one I decided to buy was beautiful and I only paid $25. I think I could have found one cheaper, but this is a charity sale for the church youth group. I figured that since Halloween is supposed to be a holiday for the kids anyway, that supporting a youth group with my money was the right thing to do.