Road Crew

There was a small crew of men walking along the edge of the road this afternoon. They were carrying large canvas bags slung over one shoulder and a long pole to spear trash from the side of the road. As I passed the men walking, I noticed a large truck parked on the side up ahead. There was a man standing on the rear bumper and he had a shotgun or a rifle in his arms. That startled me. I don’t usually see anyone with a gun around here. Obviously, he was guarding prisoners on a work detail. That was the first I’d seen such a thing around here. It was a little disturbing to know that a dozen convicts are walking down my street and just one man was assigned to shoot anyone trying to run off. But at least the trash got picked up – no one else around here seems to care about it.


What does cheesy mean to you? For me, it means something that is being cooked with lots and lots of cheese.

For others, it is an adjective for something that is a pun or funny in a strange way. The commercials for Denny’s are playing on the word cheesy because of their new sandwich that is cheesy. It is a cute commercial.


There are so many popular shows that are being shown on other cable channels as reruns now. You can watch really old shows, like the “Andy Griffith Show.” Or you can watch relatively new shows, like “Monk.” I like the Star Trek reruns – even though I saw all the original shows, it is fun to watch them again.