Weekend special

This weekend we decided to run a special to help bring in some business.  Our community always collects items for the local schools for the children in need of school tools.  I decided to continue what we started 3 years ago by offering half off on the weekend stay with the donation of a fully packed back pack for a child.

By fully packed I mean a pack of pencils, 100 sheets of loose leaf note book paper, pack of erasers, colored pencils and markers, 3 ring binder, pencil box or pencil pouch like goes in the binder and anything else they want to contribute like lunch boxes or other school supplies.

Last year, we collected 15 fully packed back packs with some of our patrons bringing more than one.  Everyone brought extra supplies.  Everyone that works for me also brought items for the kids.  It was wonderful to take them to the schools.  I hope this year is as successful as the last three.

Small plane crash

Did you hear about the small air plane that crashed in Utah Friday evening killing all 10 people on board?  That’s what scares me about going up in small air planes.  You hear so much about them crashing.  This one crashed shortly after take off.  Of course the FCC is investigating the crash.

The nine passangers were dermotologists from Cedar City.  This might be a strange thought but I wonder if there are any dermotologists left in the city?  What a loss to Cedar City and to their families.  Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair but hopefully none of them suffered.

New lap top computer

Remember me telling you about ordering a lap top computer?  Well it was not worth my time or money.  Now I have a real lap top and not a toy.  I went to Dell.com and got a referbished lap top and saved a bundle.  You can put in what you want or need and they will show you a list of available lap tops at the price range you choose.  Not too bad.  My computer geek guy that works for me helped me pick out just what I needed.

I just don’t know what I would do without him.  He is such a help to me and has shown me ways to save money on business expenses that I didn’t even think of.  To quote my favorite group, “I get buy with a little help from my friends!”

Surprise visit

There was a gospel group that had come to a local church to sing and decided to stop by here.  They had stayed here a few years ago and wanted to come by and say ‘Hi’.

They graced my patrons with a mini gospel singing.  They were even better than I remembered them being.  They sang a few of the old standards and some original songs the members had composed themselves.  The children were dancing and several of their parents were singing along with them.  It was a wonderful treat.

Most of the people even gave money to the group for them entertaining them even though there was no charge.  There are still some good people in the world, we just have to take the time to see them.

Everyone got a treat last night

Last night, a whole herd of deer came through the back yard headed to the river.  Most of the visitors got to see them too.  That was the high light of the evening.  I was amazed at how many of the patrons had never seen a deer alive.  They had seen them dead on the road or on TV and in movies but never just walking through the yard like they did here.  I guess seeing wildlife all the time makes it trivial to me but amazing to those that don’t have the pleasure of it.  We just take too many things for granted and don’t even realize it.

Summer heat

Well the summer heat is here and driving more people up here in the mountains where it is still cool enough to leave your windows open through the day most days.  Sure there are times when it gets a bit warm but then you turn on the ceiling fans and all is well.

Very few places have air conditioning up here.  I do have it and will turn it on if requested but most people prefer the windows open anyway.  They love the fresh mountain air.  I do too.  It sure saves on the power bills if I don’t have to turn on the A/C, if you know what I mean.