Be Careful What You Share

dont put it on FB

Sometimes it seems like Facebook has been around forever. I use it every day and I love to keep up with family and friends. Facebook makes me feel closer to the ones I love and I have met some new friends, too.

Smart people will use Facebook like the tool it was meant to be and should be careful about what they share. You never know who is reading what your share and what they will do with that information.

Favorite Movies

On my Facebook profile there is a section to list my favorite books and my favorite movies. There are pictures of the DVD cover for most of the ones that you list.

My list of movies grows every month. I really like comedies and well written adventure stories. I do not like a lot of violence or brutality. Some movies are so graphic and disturbing that i will turn them off and not watch the rest of it. Some movies I won’t even start to watch if I know ahead of time that they are violent.

It really bothers me to think that people can be so cruel and inhumane to each other. I don’t think this aggression is a natural condition of people, but maybe it is. If we think about it, all throughout history we have heard of horrible tortures and executions carried out. Very few periods of peace and prosperity but huge chunks of time devoted to war. It is so sad.

My top favorite movie has been ET every since I first watched it. I love the way the children behaved toward the alien and how predictable the adults can be. That movie is just as much about our human condition as it is about dealing with the possibility of life someplace other than Earth.

Ready for Some Catfish

I’ve been craving southern fried catfish for over two weeks now. I really need to go get some catfish and fixings within the next couple of days or I’m going to burst.

Catfish is one of the very few things that I do not cook myself. I am a fantastic cook and I love to cook. I just don’t like to cook fish. For one thing, it smells up the whole house for the entire day and night. I can’t stand to walk in the door and smell fish in the air.

For another thing, catfish needs to be breaded in a nice cornmeal mixture and then fried in a big vat of hot fat. I don’t have a big vat and since I almost never use fat to cook anything else, it would be a colossal waste of good cooking oil – not to mention the huge expense of a gallon of oil – for a one time use.

I am perfectly happy to let the professionals at a local catfish house do the cooking for me. Now I just have to find someone else who likes catfish that I can drag along with me, because I am READY for some catfish and all the fixings!