Good bye 2011 – Hello 2012


Tonight is a big party in the streets of downtown. I heard that they got some big names bands to play some free concerts and that we night even be televised, as this celebration is supposed to be the third largest in the USA! Isn’t that amazing? And I’ll be there – look for me!

Tired But Happy

Whew! I’m so glad that the holidays are almost over. The whole thing about shopping for gifts, cleaning house, decorating a tree, cooking and baking, and then visiting family will wear a girl out!

I was glad to see almost everyone in my family, especially all the children. I missed seeing my pretty niece and her new baby, but they had car trouble and couldn’t make the trip down. I will have to go up there and see her after the first of the year. I feel badly that she missed out on the family dinner, but we didn’t find out about the car trouble in time to make other arrangements for her to get there.

Merry Christmas


This Christmas, I hope you and your family and friends are able to gather around and enjoy each other. The Christmas gifts and cooking the big meals are nice, but the holiday is really all about being with the people in your life who matter the most.

Hot Dogs for a Fast Meal

I wanted to buy a pack of hot dogs for this weekend. We will be busy shopping and putting up the Christmas tree and I don’t want to have to cook anything special. I have enough on my hands with a holiday decorating and gift buying list.

I thought that hot dogs, mac and cheese and then some baked beans would be a nice, quick dinner. For some reason there are a bunch of different brands of hot dogs at the grocery store and now there are regular lengths, bun lengths, turkey hot dogs, beef hot dogs and regular mixed mystery meats hot dogs.

I had a hard time deciding, but ended up getting Oscar Mayer bun length hot dogs for almost $4 a pack of 8 hot dogs. The hot dog buns were only a dollar, the mac and cheese is only $2.50 and the baked beans were $.89 – so that was a cheap and fast meal for about two bucks per person.

House Special

Tonight I didn’t feel like cooking dinner, so I decided to get Chinese Takeout. We don’t have delivery service to my neighborhood, so I have to plan ahead and order the dinner, then I pick it up from the restaurant on my way home. I almost never get home and then decide to order Chinese and go back out to get it. So tonight I ordered the house special and topped it off with a special treat of Chinese donuts for dessert.