I’m a farmer

Well I checked to make sure my insurance was good with the animals, made sure I had all the proper permits, and even got a pair of pot belly pigs, pygmy donkey’s, and a miniature horse so I guess I’m now officially a ‘farmer’.  I got the little donkey from the ‘Little Ass Farm’ up the road.  I love the name of that place.  It’s a sweet little donkey too.  Her name is Blossom.

So far, the animals have been a huge success.  I even have people stopping by just to see the animals.  Yeah, I do charge for them to pet my animals.  Hey, you gotta pay for feed for all those critters ya know.  I even got a pair of pheasants and some quail too.  Man those are some pretty birds.  I can sell the babies they hatch because I’m not eating their eggs, that’s for sure.  Maybe we could have ‘pheasant under glass’ for dinner if they raise babies.  I’m not killing them if we do.  That’s going to be someone else’s job, not mine.  I’ll just sell the babies, I’m not eating any of the animals!!

Strangest thing I ever heard

Now get this, A South African couple died after being hit by a freight train while having sexual intercourse on railroad tracks. Who in their right mind would have intercourse on train tracks? This was in the Mpumalanga Province of the African country.  The engineer yelled warnings at the couple to move, but according to him, they ignored them.

The man, in his thirties, was dismembered and died at the scene. The woman, in her twenties, was transported to a local hospital but later died from her injuries.  An investigation is taking place to determine if the woman was being raped or if she was having intercourse out of her own free will.  What difference does that make now.  Who would they prosecute if it was rape, he’s dead.  It’s just a stupid tragedy if you ask me but what do I know?  I know better than to have sex on train tracks, that’s for sure.

Chicken coop

Well the chicken coop is finished and it’s great.  He even found me some Rhode Island Red chickens that are grown and already laying.  I also got some Jungle Foul too.  Those are supposed to be the original chickens, or so I was told.  One things for sure, the rooster is absolutely gorgeous.  The hens are rather small but the rooster is about as big as the Rhode Island Red rooster.  I also got some Bantam hens and a rooster.  They lay little eggs and are just the cutest things running around.  Of course they are each in different ‘runs’ and have separate parts inside the barn too.

Now he has talked me into getting a few pygmy goats and pygmy sheep too for a petting zoo type thing.  He’s trying to talk me into getting a couple of those pot belly pigs too.  I think he’s trying to make a farmer out of me.  I’m thinking about the pigs.  I guess I need to check and make sure there won’t be a problem with having a small petting zoo and what if any, special insurance I would need too.  I better call my insurance agent right now before I get in over my head.

Another Monday

Well here it is another Monday after a pretty busy weekend thank goodness.  The funny thing is I got an interesting suggestion from one of my ‘guests’ this weekend.  They asked me why I don’t have chickens to have fresh eggs for the guests since I have a garden to provide fresh vegetables for them?  They were saying the chickens would also provide education and entertainment for the children since a lot of the city kids have never seen a chicken up close and personal or seen eggs being gathered either.

I thought that was an interesting question so I called a friend of mine that does all my repairs and building that I need done and asked him about building me a chicken coop.  He said it wouldn’t take too awfully much to fix one since there’s already a small barn on my property.  He said he could attach it right to the side of the barn and make it so that the nests are inside the barn in a small fenced in area where the kids can see the eggs in the nest but can’t get to them.  He’s going to start on it tomorrow.

Happy 78th Birthday Daddy

Well today is my fathers 78th birthday and I just wanted to wish him a ‘Happy Birthday”.  He’s doing pretty good considering he’s had 7 heart attacks.  He’s still just as ornery as ever but I still love him.  The funny thing is he has absolutely no idea just how important he still is to our family.  He thinks that because he can’t do all the things he used to be able to do that he isn’t of much use to us anymore.  Well he’s totally wrong about that.  We all still need him if for nothing else, to keep us all in line or keep trying to anyway.  Love ya Daddy!!!!

What a great day

About 4:30 today, there came a knock on my front door.  When I opened the door, there stood three kids and 4 adults, all from the local elementary school where we donated the school supplies that were collected here.  These beautiful smiling faces on these children warmed my heart before I knew why they were even at my door.  Out popped three little hands with hand made ‘Thank You’ cards from each and every child at school that had received supplies from us. The parents all made sure to thank all of us too.

I called all of my staff in so they could be a part of this since they were a huge part of what made the whole ‘School Tools’ collection a success too.  Then a bright idea hit me.  I knew that some of the patrons that had brought donations would be coming back soon so I invited the parents and children in.  I have a couple bulletin boards where I post upcoming events and I let the children put every ‘Thank you’ note on one of the bulletin boards so everyone could be thanked by these sweet children that had a hand in helping out.  That sure made my day.  Well it probably will make my whole week in the end.