New Years Eve

Well we’re completely booked for New Years Eve through Sunday.  What a wonderful way to bring in the New Year.  I really hope it will snow.  That would only make it better for my guests.  That’s one of the things they look for this time of year, snow.

We will have a buffet set up with all sorts of finger foods, eggnog, wine, and champagne for midnight.  There are plenty of noise makers and Little Joe is one of them!!  He’s been running around since Christmas laughing and squealing like crazy.  I love it too.  Nothing like joy in a child to bring this old house to life.

It’s been a year full of blessings, surprises and additions to not only my bed and breakfast (the barn and animals) but to our lives in the form of Celeste and Little Joe.  I can’t wait to see what the new year brings to us this time.  If it’s half as good as last year, I’ll have another wonderful year.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Here’s wishing you a Very Merry Christmas

It has been far too many years since I have seen the wonder in a child’s eyes on Christmas morning.  Santa has come and gone and left Little Joe the most wonderful gifts.  He and I made Christmas cookies for Santa on Christmas eve.  We all sat around the Christmas tree and sang Christmas carols, sipped hot chocolate and waited for time to go to bed before Santa passed us by.

Little Joe and I watched the Santa tracker on the computer and when he got over our state, it was off to bed without a whimper one.  He was so excited that I thought he would never go to sleep.  This was the first Christmas that Santa has been to our house for one of our own and it brought a joy here that I can’t begin to explain.

Santa brought Little Joe and battery operated 4 wheeler, a Lightening McQueen laptop educational computer, Mater bed set for his bed and more than I can write quite honestly.  Celeste even got somethings from Santa.  She got lots of clothes and boots and shoes, which she really needed.  She got more than she ever had before in her life she told me later.  The joy in their eyes was all the Christmas present I needed but

Celeste did get me something from her and Little Joe.  She had gotten one of those kits that you make a hand print of a child on plaster and wrote ‘We love you Nana’ on it.  I will treasure that for as long as I live.  It was absolutely the most perfect gift I could have ever asked for.  Here’s hoping that you and yours had a wonderful Christmas too.

Quite week thank goodness

Well it’s been a quiet week around here, thank goodness.  A couple of local Christmas Tree growers brought us three deer they killed because they were eating their trees.  I made jerky from some of it, had some of the other made into sausage,  and the rest were cut into roasts and ground into hamburger.  A local butcher does all of this for me and he does a great job.

When he makes the sausage and hamburger, he always adds a little beef fat to it because deer is so lean that it’s so dry if you don’t add the beef fat.  Once that’s added then the sausage cooks much better and you don’t have to add any oil to the pan when it’s cooking.  I use the deer burger for soups and chili.  I’m not crazy about just deer burger to make meatloaf but if you put half deer burger and half hamburger, then it makes pretty good meatloaf.  Surprising how many people come here because I serve wild game.  It’s the only place they can try it and know it’ll be good.

I’ve also had a blast Christmas shopping for Little Joe and Celeste.  I guess I have spoiled them  because I got Little Joe a remote controlled car, a Nintendo Wii (I hope he’s not too little for it), a Leapster and a bunch of games for it, and a bunch of other small toys like dinosaurs and even got him a frog aquarium.

Celeste, well she’s like a daughter to me.  I bought her a used car but it’s a good one.  I had my mechanic check it out to make sure it’s a sound car.  I got her a Honda because they get pretty good gas mileage and are pretty darn dependable.  It’s a Honda Civic and I can’t remember what year it is.  I have CRS (Can’t remember shit) so you’ll have to excuse me.  I also got her a Dell Laptop computer.  She graduates from High School this year and is planning on going to college.  She’ll need a laptop in college and it sure won’t hurt for her to have one now.

Contest was a huge success

Well the Gingerbread house contest was a huge success I must say.  Celeste got a ribbon for best newcomer.  How about that?  I’m so proud of her.  The competition was about the toughest I have seen it.  There was even a merry-go-round with reindeer on it.  In fact, it won because the detail was absolutely amazing.  Everything was edible on it and it was just absolutely wonderful.

The crowd that passed through here was surprising.  I got several reservations for New Years and in fact, we’re booked up for New Years.  What really surprised me was how many people we have for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We don’t usually have any ‘guests’ then but we actually have 3 couples.  They’re each getting married on the 22nd and 23rd of December.

Sure surprised me but it’ll be nice to have all that new love in here for Christmas.  Well as long as one of them doesn’t turn out the way one of my honeymoon couples did.  It was last June and they got into a fist fight right in the dining room.  I must admit it was her that threw the first 5 punches.  He sat there patiently and tried not to hit her but he finally slapped her silly.  I had to call the police.  She came back about 5 hours later and got her stuff.  Thank goodness they were paid in full.  I have often wondered if they split then or made it work.

Hey, wanna see my place?

I realized that all I do is talk about my Bed and Breakfast and haven’t shown you what it looks like.  Well I had to do a lot of work to get it turned into what I wanted but I loved every single minute.  I have already told you about the different rooms that I rent so there’s no need to repeat myself.

This picture was taken when we got an early snow before I got the Christmas decorations put up but I still think it’s a pretty picture of my place.  My new barn and animals are off to the right.  My garden is off to the left.  You can see the gazebo on the back of the wrap around porch.  Now you can see why there are deer, and other animals that come around the house.  Anyway, here it is.

The house smells of Gingerbread

The house smells absolutely wonderful.  Celeste is in the kitchen making a Gingerbread house.  She has been working on it every night for about a week now.  She’s a very talented young lady.  From what I have seen so far, it’s going to be absolutely beautiful.  Little Joe ends up with more Gingerbread than the house does it seems sometimes because Celeste wants it to be perfect and if it’s not, there stands Little Joe ready to eat the imperfections.

Oh I don’t think I told you that we’re having a Gingerbread house contest this weekend.  First prize is a $100 gift card and a weekend stay here whenever you choose.  Second place is $75 and one nights stay.  Third place is a $50 gift card.  So far we have 10 contestants that I am sure of.  There are 8 other applications that haven’t come back in yet so they could still be in the contest too.  Most of the contestants are locals.  We do this every year and then leave the houses up for viewing by my customers.

Last years winner also sold theirs to a lady that paid $150 for it.  I almost fell over.  It was a big Gingerbread house and it was beautiful but everything has to be edible and I guess they could be kept for a while.  I don’t know.  Anyway, Celeste is making the barn, animals and manger scene.  So far, it’s absolutely gorgeous.  I can’t wait to see it when she’s totally finished.  No I’m not one of the judges.  There are judges that come here from other contests to judge them.  Here’s one from last year.  Isn’t it amazing?