Sunday morning music

Well we did have a weekend to ourselves and on Sunday morning, we always play some type of gospel music unless it offends any of our guests.  This Sunday, we decided was a perfect Sunday to hear Elvis sing gospel.  This is one of my favorites because you can see the pure joy in his face and hear it in his voice as he sings for fun with JD Sumner and the Stamps quartet. Thank goodness for youtube so I could share this with you.

You have to check this site out!!

Running a business like a Bed and Breakfast is pure pleasure for me but as the times have been tighter lately, then I have really started using discount coupons.  I have always been a penny pincher but now I find myself pinching even more.

With a business like mind, there’s always something I’m wanting to buy for the different rooms like grandfather clocks for the old fashioned rooms and the entrance hall.  Would you believe that I even found Grandfather clock discount coupons?  Well I did and also found some great savings with them.  Now I can buy more than I thought I would be able to.

This coming weekend looks bleak

Well it looks like we’ll have the whole house to ourselves this weekend unless we get someone that just happens to drop by to see if we have an opening.  That does happen quite often so there’s still hope for the weekend.

Honestly, it would be sort of nice to have a weekend off because that means we can get some time off to do what ever we have thought about doing or just enjoy a relaxing weekend.  We shall see!!!!

I’m thinking about a web site

Most all of my advertisement for my Bed and Breakfast has come from word of mouth.  One of the college students that worked for me through the summer and part time after they go back to college has offered to build me a web site about my place.  I told them to shoot out some ideas at me and I would let them know.

The more I think of it, the better I like the idea.  It could bring in more business and is a good way of getting my place better known in the whole cyber-space instead of just in this area and by word of mouth.  I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Well it’s back to the real world

Back to school time will be here before we know it and as usual, we are running our ‘back to school’ special which is that if they bring a book bag full of the supplies a child would need, they get one night half price.  We have to look out for the children with all of the cutbacks in the school system.

It has become a tradition here that we collect school supplies and even people from the community will stop by to donate a few items here and there.  They ask nothing in return either.  It’s all done just out of the goodness of their hearts.  This is a great community and I just love it here.

The wedding went great

I guess it’s just the old sentimental me but that was one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever had here and we have had quite a few.  The bride was dressed all in white of course but she has red roses embroidered in her Vail and the lace over the satin of her dress.  I have never seen such a beautiful dress in my life.  Come to find out, it had been her mothers and her mother had the red roses put on the dress for her.

He groom wore a white tuxedo with the same color red as her roses on his cumber bun and tie.  Oh he looked so handsome standing there.  She carried 12 red roses with babies breath in her bouquet and it was  just so beautifully coordinated.

The brides maids were all dressed in a beautiful soft rose color while the groomsmen wore white shirts with white pants and a soft rose sash across their waists.  they each had a single rose in their hands that they gave to the brides maids when they got to the alter.  Just an absolutely perfect wedding!!

We’re hosting a wedding party

The whole place is reserved for this Wednesday through Sunday.  We’re having a wedding.  I love weddings and this one if going to be absolutely beautiful, just as all weddings are.  They have left the reception to us so my fabulous cook will be making the wedding cake and everything else for the reception.

The florists are coming to see what flowers will work the best with the atmosphere and where they are putting all of them.    The wedding is Thursday and guests will be coming in on Wednesday.  Unfortunately we have limited space so some have made reservations at local motels but the wedding party is all staying here.

The wedding suite will be so beautifully decorated for this wonderful occasion too.  I can’t wait to get started on it all so I better get my rear in gear.  There are rooms to decorate and menu’s to prepare.