Too Hot

The weather forecast for this entire weekend is Hot Hot Hot. The temperature will be at least 100 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. Then when you add humidity to the air, the temperature will feel more like 106 – 110 degrees.

This is too hot for me to do anything outdoors unless I really have to. The yard needs mowing and weed whacking, but I’ll have to do that very early in the morning or wait another day or two. The problem with cutting grass early is that it not only disturbs the neighbors but the dew on the grass makes the cut uneven and clogs the mower.

Craving a Hot Dog

Most of the time I only want a hot dog when I’m at a ball game. but for some reason I have been craving a hot dog today. I want a big one, like the Oscar Mayer bun length all beef franks. I want the bun to be fresh and soft and steamed with the dog in it. Then I’ll put a stripe of ketchup and a few dabs of yellow mustard on top, and enjoy a serving of pork and beans on the side. Now, that’s a great lunch for a summer weekend!