Ho Ho Ho

Hope that Santa Claus found your house last night and was very good to you.

I had a really nice Christmas already, and we have not eaten dinner yet! We are about to sit down to a huge feast, with Honey Baked Ham, sweet potatoes, my mom’s pineapple spoon bread, and coconut cake. Nothing like eating traditional holiday dinners cooked by the people you love!

Christmas Panic

Everyone is hustling and getting ready for the big guy in a red suit. I have to do some more shopping, but I’m only looking for a couple more things. I spent more money than I intended, but I think everyone does.

I always have a big gift wrapping session on Christmas Eve. It usually takes an hour or two. It’s lonely but exhilarating at the same time. I’m looking forward to seeing the tree with piles of presents around it on Christmas morning!