How about a vacation in Florida?

The picture of Cinderella and that adorable little girl started me thinking.  I have checked out several web sites and found a bunch of great deals for Little Joe and his mother to go to Disney World for a week.  She worked so very hard this year in school and has a couple of weeks off before she has to go back for the summer semester so why not reward her hard work with a vacation.

I can just imagine Little Joe’s face when he sees Goofy.  That’s his favorite character but he just can’t figure out why Pluto can’t talk and Goofy can when they’re both dogs.  I can’t explain it to him and neither can his mother.  I guess we’ll just have to wait for him to come up with a reason.  I think I heard him call Pluto a ‘dumb dog’ the other day.

Lucky Girls


What a wonderful memory this moment will hold for both of these girls. I think it would be great to make the eyes of little girls light up as they talk to a character straight out of a childhood storybook.

Jokes and riddles

I remember a smart aleck kid from grade school who used to tell jokes and riddles. some of them were long stories with a big punch line. sometimes they were just short riddles. Usually they were a play on words, like “hot today and chile tomale.”

I don’t know what made me think of him today. I bet he grew up to be a famous comedian though.

Little Joe

Little Joe and his mother have really been so much help and joy to me.  Little Joe likes to feed the chickens and the other animals that he can.  He’s even been helping clean the barn out a bit.  Little fella works really hard but gets very little done because he spends more time talking to the animals.  It’s sheer pleasure to have him out there with me.

Oh he has named each and every new baby we have here.  The twin goats are Billy and Betty.  I have no idea where those names came from but that’s what he named them.  Oh the pygmy donkey was expecting and now has the cutest baby you have ever seen.  Little Joe named her Angel because his mother told him that a donkey carried Mary when she was expecting Baby Jesus.  He said that donkey was an angel and that’s where the name for our baby came from.  It’s that precious!!!

Planting the garden

Boy did we get a late start on the vegetable garden this year.  First of all it rained and rained and rained.  You can’t get into a garden with it’s as wet as ours has been lately.  Then when it finally got dry enough to plow and get ready to plant, we had a heck of a time finding plants and seeds.

I am guessing that because of the economy, more and more people are planting gardens this year.  That has to be what it was since there’s usually plenty of plants and seeds available most anywhere you go.  We’ll keep looking for the seeds we haven’t found yet but if it’s much longer, they won’t grow very well because it’s be too late in the season to plant them.

Well the season is off to a good start

It’s still cool up here at night and some days are a little chilly but the people are making reservations at my bed and breakfast better than I thought they would.  With all of the job losses in the state, I was beginning to worry about my business this spring and summer.

I guess people are planning weekend getaways and vacations closer to home like they did last year.  I just hope they keep telling others about my little piece of heaven here in the mountains.  Well that’s what it is to me anyway.