Summer kicking up here

Boy am I glad the gas prices have kept people close.  You know what I mean?  People are taking shorter vacation trips and I have been booked solid since school got out and am still booked through labor day weekend.  I even have most weekends after school goes back booked almost solid.  I really hate that gas is so high but it has helped the local economy a great deal.  The best part is that a lot of people are finding my place that didn’t even know it was here before.  Word of mouth is the best advertising there is.

Talula does the Hula?

Did you hear about that judge in New Zealand that has gotten sick of all the stupid names parents are putting on their children.  It seems some parents thought ‘Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii’ was a good name for their daughter.  Well it has caused this poor little girl all sorts of embarrassment and she never even told her closest friends what her real name was.  When someone asked her name, she would just say ‘K’.  The judge changed her name and it has not been released what her name was changed to so they could protect the little girls identity.

Don’t parents even consider what consiquences a stupid name like that does to a child?  I thought Frank Zappa was the only idiot that would name a child something stupid like Motorhead, Dweezle and Moon Unit.  Guess he’s not the only one.

We lost a feisty one

Estelle Getties from the old show ‘Golden Girls’ died today at the age of 84.  Bless her heart, she had dementia and if you have ever dealt with someone with that, it is as devastating as Alzheimer’s Disease.  Estelle played a character that I figure I’ll end up being someday, a feisty, opinionated little old lady . . . but the funny thing is, she was actually the youngest lady on that show.  She was a great actress and will be missed.  You can read more about her passing at Yahoo News.   Please do check it out – if nothing more than to honor her memory. Gals like her don’t come along very often.

Anything to save a penny

The way gas keeps going up, you have to save any way you can.  I found a web site where you can get online coupons on just about anything you want.  The best part is that most of the things I want come with free shipping too.  Heck, I save with the coupons, I save with the free shipping and I save my own gas by not having to run all over the hills to find what I want.  I’m a happy girl!!!!

I love frogs!!!!

The latest “craze” are frogs and I’m talking live frogs too.  I got a ‘froggie tank’ for my kids (well the ones next door are sort of my kids too) and I know they are going to have a blast ‘growing froggies.’

Since school is out for the summer it seems fitting to get the froggies going and growing.  It should be a pretty cool thing for everyone to participate in and enjoy, while learning at the same time to boot!  I’m thinking that maybe over this weekend, while out running errands, I should stop by the closest pet store and see if we can find a some frog eggs and get this thing going.

I forgot to tell you about the savings

I saved the shipping and handling charges that would have been $9, by having my new computer sent to the store, instead of being delivered to my home address.  I like that policy.  I’ll let you know how this little laptop handles when I get it all figured out.  I’m a bit nervous, I’m not the best when it comes to all these electronic gadgets and I’m sure I’ll be call my computer whiz kid friend for assistance, but I’ll give it a try and see what happens. 

New Computer for me

I’ve been checking out laptop computers and I have found one that I think I would like to have. I ordered it online from Wal-Mart today.  It’s an Everex 7 CloudBook.  Have you seen them or heard of them?  It’s a very portable laptop that I will be able to tuck in my back pack or hand bag and take practically everywhere that I go. I hate being tied down to anything and since I already have wireless Internet, I can even take it out in the yard and surf to my hearts desire if I so desire. It only weighs a little over 2 pounds and I can’t wait to get an email telling me that it has arrived at the store so I can go pick it up and get the initialization process over with.  I just hope it’s not too complicated to getting it going since I’ve never had a ‘new’ computer before.  I always got someones hand me down computer but I’m not complaining.

Happy 4th of July

I sure hope you guys are having a ‘blast’ today.  We have a special July 4th package deal going on where the whole house is decorated for the 4th, and we are having a huge picnic type dinner for everyone in the community too.  The other local businesses like the tubing guys up river are throwing in with me and offering tubing and canoeing along with my package.

It’s kind of a bring your own fireworks type display and everyone brings a side dish too from the community.  Watermellons are in the river getting good and cold and so is the beer.  We always have the best time, and the house is booked solid for the whole 3 day weekend. 


I have this kid working for me that is going to college taking computer science and electronics and all kinds of stuff like that.  This kid amazes me with the gadgets he has set up for me here. 

I have a state of the art security system that goes to my private part of the house that can only be opened by my fingerprint.  He put in some kind of loop hole so that the police or emergency people could get in to me along with my most trusted employee Hazel.  She’s been with me since I opened this place.  It’s amazing what this kid can do with a computer.