Now I understand

It all became too clear this weekend why Celeste took Little Joe and left home.  Her father found out where she was, got drunk and came beating on my door last night.  I could smell the liquor on his breath as soon as I opened the door.  He demanded to see his daughter and I told him that he was not welcome here and to leave.  That didn’t go over very well.

This crazy man shoved me out of the way and started up the stairs yelling for Celeste to come down right that minute.  Celeste locked herself in her room with Little Joe and Grace, my faithful friend and help around the house called 911 as soon as she heard what was going on.  By the time the deputy sheriff got there, he was trying to break down Celeste’s door and I had my shot gun on him asking him to stop or I would shoot.

They got him cuffed and as they were taking him out of the house, he yelled to Celeste that she was not taking HIS grandson from him.  He then called her every kind of low person you can imagine for having a baby as young as she was and not married.  She was not only abused physically by her father but he was also abusing her emotionally.  My heart stopped when it hit me.  I went to the sheriff’s department and took a restraining order against him so he can’t come back.

Now to help Celeste and Little Joe never have to go back to that crazy man again.  After a lot of tears and some talking, I told Celeste that I would take her to a lawyer and get custody of both her and Little Joe if that’s what she wanted so she would not have to go back there again.  So we have an appointment with my lawyer today to see what we have to do to protect them.

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  1. Oh my gosh! You need to get to a lawyer quick. You can’t count on the sheriff or anyone else to help with people like this. Lots of times the cops don’t even show up for an hour. Thank goodness everything worked out OK.

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