Two Mondays

Yesterday was the Monday, but since we did not have to work on the Memorial Day holiday, today is the first day of the work week. But I did have to work, because we have a big problem that I had to deal with.

So today feels like a Monday, even though it is a Tuesday. This week I feel like I’ve had to deal with two Mondays. That should be illegal. No one should have to live through two Mondays in the same week.

Brushing Up On My Spanish

Last night I hit a button on my remote control accidentally. It was not a bad thing – I discovered that I can watch movies with subtitles shown at the bottom of the screen. That is so cool! Now I can watch all my movies and display the entire dialogue on the screen in Spanish. This way I can brush up on my Spanish skills for free!

Reduce Trash

Our neighborhood has two different companies service our area for trash collection. They are private companies that send out monthly bills. If you don’t pay these people, you have to carry your trash to the landfill, which is about 20 minutes from my house. The amount I would spend in gas alone is more than what I have to pay the trash company.

I decided to try to reduce the amount of trash that I put at the curb. If you have any tips on reducing and reusing household items, I’d love to read them as comments here. Thanks!