Where did July go?

Tomorrow is the last day of July and I don’t know where the time has gone!  It’s been a nice cool summer so far and business is down a little but it sure could be worse, ya know, with everything in the mess it’s in.  I’m just counting my blessings that business hasn’t been down anymore than it has been.

Oh, about my garden, well everything started coming up and the darn critters found it.  You guessed it, the pickings are slim in our garden this year.  We don’t usually have much trouble with the critters because we put out all kinds of stuff that’s supposed the keep them away from the garden.  I bet that boy that was supposed to do that forgot it.  I’ll have to ask him and see.  I wonder if he’ll be honest?  He better be!

They had a great time!!

I wish I had a picture of Little Joe’s face while he was telling me about Disney World.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  He got see Goofy, Pluto, Mickey, Donald, and a bunch of girls too he told me.  His mother was glowing just watching her little man tell me all about their trip.

I must say, her face was more relaxed and rested looking than I have seen it in a long time too.  She has worked so hard at college, here, and taking care of Little Joe too.  I am so very proud of her.  In fact, I couldn’t be prouder if she was my own daughter!!

Well ‘Happy Birthday’ big brother

I have an older brother……………well he’s my foster brother that moved in with my family when I was 12 and he was 15.  I used to want a big brother so very bad until I got one.  They can be a real pain, ya know!!  But I loved him anyway and consider him my brother and not just a foster brother.

Well today he turns 55 years old.  That means it’s been 40 years since he became my big brother too.  I am so proud to let you know that he is a Catholic Priest too even though our family isn’t Catholic.  He does wonderful things for his ‘flock’ too.  The only thing I hate is that we have not seen him in about 15 years or more.  That’s okay, he’s doing Gods work so ‘Happy Birthday’ to you brother of mine!!!!  Love and miss you lots!

There are some sick people in this world

I had heard about the young woman that had been held in her parents cellar for 24 years along with her 7 children that her father fathered with her.  What an absolutely awful thing this so called man did to his daughter.  I’m sorry but his wife should have been charged too.  There’s no way she didn’t know what was going on.

Well now I have learned about an 18 year old young woman that was abducted when she was 10 years old and held captive in a mans basement for 8 and a half years.  She managed to escape and the man committed suicide.  That’s a cowards way out if you ask me.  The worst part of both of these stories is what the younger woman said:

“Life in freedom doesn’t feel as good as I once imagined,” she told Austria’s Krone newspaper. She said her life had “changed radically” on the day of her escape, but that she still does not feel “really free”.

She told the Austrian Press Agency that the public’s expectations of victims of crime were “astonishing”. She said that if victims tried to hide away, they would be faced with accusations that the public had the right to know what happened. But if they gave in to pressure and told some of their story, they would be accused of seeking the limelight, and consequently be seen as public figures with little right to privacy, she added.

She may face more questioning by the authorities over the next few months, as the investigations continue. “I’m not afraid of more questioning but I find it unpleasant,” she told the Kurier.  “I feel like an uprooted orchid,” she said. “Some people try to plant me where they would like to have me. But I want to grow in a place I’ve chosen myself.”

For Heavens sake!!!

Everyone has always known that there are ‘Moon Shiners’ in the mountains.  I personally don’t know a single one but then again I might and just don’t know it.  I do know of a man that drank some bad homemade liquor and ended up in the hospital but never anything like this.

The death toll from a mass poisoning involving home-brewed alcohol in the western Indian state of Gujarat has risen to 71.  A police officer in the state’s largest city, Ahmedabad, said another five people were seriously ill in hospital after consuming the contaminated liquor at a party on Sunday.  The Press Trust of India reported that six police officers in the city had been suspended and transferred for failing to crack down on illegal distilleries.

The state’s home affairs minister yesterday announced an inquiry into the easy availability of bootleg liquor in the region. Selling and consuming alcohol is a criminal offence in Gujarat, which is India’s only dry state.  Deaths from cheap alcohol are common in India. Last year nearly 170 people died after drinking from a single batch of toxic liquor in southern India.

Happy Independence Day!!!

I love the 4th of July!!  We really go all out to decorate, well we do that for every holiday but there’s just something about Independence Day that I love!!  We always have a huge community picnic type party with grilled hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixin’s and of course potato salad, baked beans and we can’t forget the banana pudding and homemade ice cream.

Then there’s the fireworks display.  I love all of the laughter, ooohhh’s and aaahhh’s from the children when the fireworks start.  It’s just a wonderful time for all!!!   I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful 4th of July and remember what the celebration is all about, our independence!!!