Little Joe

Little Joe and his mother have really been so much help and joy to me.  Little Joe likes to feed the chickens and the other animals that he can.  He’s even been helping clean the barn out a bit.  Little fella works really hard but gets very little done because he spends more time talking to the animals.  It’s sheer pleasure to have him out there with me.

Oh he has named each and every new baby we have here.  The twin goats are Billy and Betty.  I have no idea where those names came from but that’s what he named them.  Oh the pygmy donkey was expecting and now has the cutest baby you have ever seen.  Little Joe named her Angel because his mother told him that a donkey carried Mary when she was expecting Baby Jesus.  He said that donkey was an angel and that’s where the name for our baby came from.  It’s that precious!!!

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