Right on schedule

We have decided that the apartment for Celeste has to be completed by Valentines day.  Or at least completed enough that she can move in as my Valentines Day gift to her and Little Joe.  Well if things keep going like they are right now, that is very possible.  The furniture I have ordered online for them is scheduled to be here on the 12th.  I just hope it’s not late.

An artist friend of mine is coming in on the 10 to start the special painting of Little Joe’s room.  She’s going to paint a mural all the way round the room of a forest with all of the animals he loves so much.  He spends as much time as he can with my animals so I thought we would surprise him with the animals in his room.  She does wonderful work and I know Little Joe will love it.

I’m really surprised that Celeste has not mentioned the apartment at all.  I guess she is so used to not being able to ask questions at home that she feels it’s better to just leave it alone.  That actually helps me to make the surprise even better I think.

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