Another Monday

Well here it is another Monday after a pretty busy weekend thank goodness.  The funny thing is I got an interesting suggestion from one of my ‘guests’ this weekend.  They asked me why I don’t have chickens to have fresh eggs for the guests since I have a garden to provide fresh vegetables for them?  They were saying the chickens would also provide education and entertainment for the children since a lot of the city kids have never seen a chicken up close and personal or seen eggs being gathered either.

I thought that was an interesting question so I called a friend of mine that does all my repairs and building that I need done and asked him about building me a chicken coop.  He said it wouldn’t take too awfully much to fix one since there’s already a small barn on my property.  He said he could attach it right to the side of the barn and make it so that the nests are inside the barn in a small fenced in area where the kids can see the eggs in the nest but can’t get to them.  He’s going to start on it tomorrow.

Everyone got a treat last night

Last night, a whole herd of deer came through the back yard headed to the river.  Most of the visitors got to see them too.  That was the high light of the evening.  I was amazed at how many of the patrons had never seen a deer alive.  They had seen them dead on the road or on TV and in movies but never just walking through the yard like they did here.  I guess seeing wildlife all the time makes it trivial to me but amazing to those that don’t have the pleasure of it.  We just take too many things for granted and don’t even realize it.

I love frogs!!!!

The latest “craze” are frogs and I’m talking live frogs too.  I got a ‘froggie tank’ for my kids (well the ones next door are sort of my kids too) and I know they are going to have a blast ‘growing froggies.’

Since school is out for the summer it seems fitting to get the froggies going and growing.  It should be a pretty cool thing for everyone to participate in and enjoy, while learning at the same time to boot!  I’m thinking that maybe over this weekend, while out running errands, I should stop by the closest pet store and see if we can find a some frog eggs and get this thing going.

Happy 4th of July

I sure hope you guys are having a ‘blast’ today.  We have a special July 4th package deal going on where the whole house is decorated for the 4th, and we are having a huge picnic type dinner for everyone in the community too.  The other local businesses like the tubing guys up river are throwing in with me and offering tubing and canoeing along with my package.

It’s kind of a bring your own fireworks type display and everyone brings a side dish too from the community.  Watermellons are in the river getting good and cold and so is the beer.  We always have the best time, and the house is booked solid for the whole 3 day weekend. 

What we also offer

Speaking of online, we also offer wireless internet here at my place.  I haven’t told you what I call my little establishment here, have I?   It’s called Heavenly Acres!!  No not Green Acres either.  There’s a little farm about 10 miles from here and the name of it is ‘Little Ass Farm’.  They raise miniature donkeys.  Isn’t that just too cute?  I thought it was.  Laughed my rear off when I saw it.


Insurance is very important in my kind of establishment.  I employ about 10 people during the peak seasons of……………..well pretty much all year because people like to come here in the summer when it’s really hot because it’s not so hot up here. 

They love the spring because of the new leaves and flowers and everything coming back to life.  They love fall because of the fall colors so I guess winter is sort of my down time unless the ski slops that aren’t too far from here are booked solid and the snows just right for skiing.  I get their overflow. 

Skiing and Christmas trees are the main industries up here.

Good Food

During the spring months, I plant a small garden out back and feed a lot of my guests from it.  The fresh vegetables and fruits are what I’m known for. 

I even serve venison when I can get it.  That’s deer for those of you who might not know.  There are a lot of Christmas tree farmers up here and they get special permits to shoot a deer that finds their young trees rather tasty and they bring me the meat.  It’s taken to a local meat packer who takes care of cleaning it and cutting it up for me.  Then it’s wrapped and frozen. 

Good stuff if you know how to fix it right and I must do a pretty good job of it because it’s one of the things most requested here.

Love these mountains

I own a bed and breakfast in the mountains of North Carolina.  Life is good here and a bit slow as I like it.  People are genuine here, not fake like in some of the big cities.  I love the outdoors.  Animals frequent my establishment.  Watch as the sun sets on any given night and you’ll see deer, an occasional bear and plenty of other small creatures making their way to the river that flows in front of my place.  It gives you a peace no where else can.