Christmas Blessing to all My Friends

This morning has been lovely so far. It’s not a white Christmas, but it is a nice and peaceful Christmas.

cartoon graphic for Christmas wishes

Have You Been to a Dog Park?

Most days I take my dog for a short walk in my own yard every morning. Then, in the afternoon we walk up and down the street in my neighborhood. That’s the only safe place I know and that all the exercise we get. I’ve never taken him to a dog park. In fact, I don’t think there are any dog parks anywhere around this area. I think there is one about an hour from here, but that is awfully far to go for a walk in the park with my dog.

Oddly enough, there was a movie on cable last night called, “Dog Park.” It’s about several people in California who have dogs and develop romantic relationships because they meet at the dog park or dog obedience classes or they work together. I admit that I did not watch the entire movie, but watch I did watch was awful. It is a really lame story line, the sound track sucks, and the actors are pathetic. I have no idea how this movie even got made. Do not waste your time watching this awful movie, even if you are sick in bed with the flu and can’t find the remote control to change the channel. The dogs in the movie are the only interesting characters, especially the two Boxers.

Great TV Commercials This Month

All the advertisers have really stepped up the TV commercials so they can get as much of our Christmas shopping money as possible. I have really noticed an increase in car commercials – every brand, but especially the luxury cars like Lexus.

Here is what I don’t understand. How many people really think that buying a car for their loved one is a good Christmas gift? How many people really can do that anyway? Wouldn’t that be a once in a lifetime kind of thing for anyone but the most wealthy, privileged family?

I can tell you that even though my parents were financially successful, buying a car as a gift was never ever something anyone in my family would ever consider. It’s just not done. My parents will spend a lot of money on great Christmas gifts, but a car is a practical item that is handled separately from gifts. It really does not matter how many nice car commercials they show in December, I will not be buying a new car for anyone as a Christmas gift. It will never happen.