Bing Maps

One of the best things about the internet is the online maps. I like to know where I am going and how to get there, and a GPS just doesn’t cut it. I like to see the maps online and make decisions about my route from a greater perspective. So, I’ve discovered Bing maps and I love them! So easy to use and a lot of features that other online maps don’t offer. My favorite feature is in the directions from one place to another. Bing tells you not only step by step, but they go with the extra hint of saying something like, if you pass the McDonald’s you’ve gone too far, or if you see the Publix grocery store you missed the turn. Its so awesome!

Awesome Dinner

Thanks to my mom for cooking a most awesome Thanksgiving dinner today and having everyone come to her house. She did all the traditional foods, from a beautiful turkey to the best mashed potatoes in the world.

But my favorite was her sweet potato pie for dessert. I know most people like to cook pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, but in our family it is tradition to have sweet potato pie. That’s what my dear grandmother would fix, and my mother has carried on with that tradition. And I expect my sisters and I will, too.

Crazy Shopping Day

Every Saturday I do my grocery shopping. Its not that I like to do it on Saturdays, but most nights after work I am too tired to deal with it. So, reluctant to admit I am becoming a creature of habit, I headed out to the grocery store this morning.

OMG! What a ZOO! I totally forgot that this weekend is the weekend before Thanksgiving. It was four times as many people in that grocery store. I realized how crowded it was and gave up after 10 minutes in the store and hadn’t made it through the produce department yet.

I’ll go back later tonight – I can’t stand crowds and am not willing to spend 2 hours shopping for my groceries today.

Quick Bite

Where do you go when you know it is lunch time and you need to get something to eat – but you aren’t really all that hungry?

I am sick of hamburgers and needed to get something quick, so I decided to drive through Taco Bell. I got a couple of tacos and a tall cold drink and didn’t spend much cash. It hit the spot – a couple of tacos were all I needed.

We are surrounded by fast food restaurants, but most of them start to taste bland and boring. Still, a couple of tacos are better than having to get up early in the morning to cook and pack a hot lunch.

Soothing Music

Sometimes I want to have some soothing music playing while I work on my computer. If I am cleaning house I like the more peppy music – it keeps me motivated. So I went online and searched for calming and peaceful music and found a lot of “New Age” music by artists that play all kinds of instruments. I especially like the catalogue of albums published by the label called Windham Hill. I sampled several of their tunes and really like them.

Quick Walk

Even though the weather is getting cold, I need to get some exercise and outdoors is my preferred location. So I decided to take a brisk walk around my own neighborhood today. Big mistake. I never realized until today how many of my neighbors have dogs – and most of them just run loose. The dogs don’t seem to like people walking by their house or yard, either. Now I know why a lot of people carry a big walking stick with them when they go for a brisk walk. Its not to help them walk – it is for protection from dogs.