Mom’s taking a vacation

My mother and father used to travel quite a bit before he passed away and Mom just hasn’t had the desire to travel until now.  I’m so glad to see her taking a vacation without us.  She has always wanted to go to Cairo and she found City Discovery discount coupons to Cairo and invited her sister to go with her.  We all think it’s wonderful.

Of course she needed some new clothes for her trip so I found Esprit discount coupons for her to help her save money on her new wardrobe.  She’s as excited about this trip as we are for her.  Good for you Mom!!!

Time for some humor

Men make a big deal out of ‘Pole Dancing’.  Personally, it’s not for me, that’s for sure but I thought you might get a kick out of this lady trying to pole dance for her ‘guy’.  Laughter is optional but I bet you will laugh as hard as I did at this one.  Enjoy everyone!!!!

I can’t believe Patrick is gone

The entertainment community has lost one of it’s greatest entertainers in my opinion.  Patrick Swayze was the man every woman wanted to dance with after they saw ‘Dirty Dancing’ and even wanted to learn to make pottery on a potters wheel after watching him and Demi Moore in ‘Ghost’.

But more than just an entertainer,  he was a son, husband and brother to the ones that knew him the best.  My heart goes out to his family for the loss of a dearly loved member of their family.  God Bless you Patrick and most of all, God Bless your mother, wife and family.  May you rest in peace.

I think I’m going to change web hosts

When I first started my blog, I didn’t know squat about web hosts.  Boy have I learned a lot since then though.  A friend of mine suggested I check out a blog about web hosts so that I could learn more about the different ones that are offered.  That was the best advice anyone ever gave me as far as anything to do with my blog goes.  I’m so very glad they told me to check it out.  Just about any question you might have, you’ll manage to find the answer to it on their blog.  Nice to know that there’s help out there for us less knowledgeable in things like that.

Not only did that help with my questions about webhosting but this site helped me in more ways than the blog did once I learned what to look for.  These guys break down the good, the bad and the ugly of  web hosting.  They tell you which one is the best value, which one is best for your needs like blogs or an ecommerce web site and that makes it easier to choose the right host for you.  It’s sort of like having your own personal computer geek at your beck and call.  How cool is that?

It’s that time it seems

Well it’s the time of year where we all start to get out our cool weather clothes.  Now is when we find out what we can still wear and what doesn’t fit anymore.  Hopefully there are several of my things that are too big now.  I have dropped some weight over the summer but as you all know all too well, we all tend to put back on a few pounds over the winter.  I hate that too, don’t you?

There goes another one

Another of my neighbors is moving now.  The husband found a good job in Oklahoma so they’ll be moving soon.  I thought I would help them out by finding some good Oklahoma real estate online and give them a head start on where they might live when they get there.

The real estate market is wide open right now and they will be a first time buyer since they were only renting the town home they were living in here.  The best part of this move for them is that they have family out there and that’s why they want to buy a home instead of rent.  It’s time to put down roots she told me.

Do you feel it?

I got up this morning to get ready for work and it was cool in the house.  I had to turn my heat on for the first time.  Fall is definitely in the air and I’m not quite sure I’m ready for it.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I ready for the real hot days to be over but I’m just not sure I’m ready for Fall to hit.

That means that as fast as this summer went by, so will Fall and then Winter comes.  I’m not a Winter person at all.  I hate snow unless it’s on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but I want it gone after that.  Silly huh?

All you could ask for

Usually a web site only contains one satellite service but not this web site. Direct TV Questions are answered on there as well and Dish network.  You don’t have to do any comparison shopping because  Kaptain Satellite compares them for you.

I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of my cable service because they change their rates so ofter and you get better packages from satellite TV I have found.  I would rather be watching something I like than stuck with having to get a bunch of channels that I don’t watch just to get one I do like.  How about you?