Do You Trust Wikipedia?

One of my first sources of information on the internet is Wikipedia and I love that site! I probably use Wikipedia 3 or 4 times a week – on average. Sometimes I will look things up and see related subjects or information that does deeper and I use it repeatedly throughout the whole research project. To me, it is just like the Encyclopedia Brittanica that I used in the school library when I was a kid. Except using it online gets me there faster and easier.

So my cousin, Gail, is a senior in high school and was asking me about some information and I told her that I would look it up online using Wikipedia and I was shocked when she said that her teachers says they are not allowed to use Wikipedia. I could not understand why a teacher would say that. My cousin says that true educators do not consider Wikipedia to be an authority site, because individual people can go on the site and change things.

Well, that was kind of the whole point of the Wikipedia project – that people contributed to it. I have not come across any information that I would be suspicious of or doubt its accuracy. Have you ever found anything on the site that was false information? I would really like to know if that is a problem or just a bullshit cop out from teachers.

Poster Board

Where does a person buy a big sheet of poster board? I have no idea. I have not even seen a piece of poster board since high school Who uses that stuff anyway?

My boss wants me to buy 4 sheets of white poster board for a big presentation that she is doing next week. She says that we need some visual aids for the presentation. I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to use Powerpoint and the retractable screen in the conference room. But she’s the boss and now I am on the hunt for poster board.

Proof in the Pictures

Yes! This is my photo from Sunday night’s graduation! My girlfriend, Lauren, took this photo and sent it to me.

I’m standing with my Study Buddy – I can’t tell you how much she helped me get through all the technical terms we had to learn. I’ll miss her and always be grateful for dozens of nights studying medical manuals.



Tonight is the big night – I graduate from the technical school as a certified (or certifiable! lol) medical assistant. I’m so excited! It’s a real graduation ceremony, with everyone in my class wearing a white gown and that unique mortarboard hat!

I even ironed the gown – something I almost never do anymore. I bought a pretty sleeveless party dress to wear out to the celebration dinner after the ceremony. This is my big night!

Studying for Exams

Tonight is the big cram session. We have exams coming up and this is the only night I have 4 straight hours to spend on studying. I think I learned most of the important stuff as we went along, but I always get nervous on tests and exams. So I’m reading through all of my notes and using a highlighter to help the information sink in deeper. I hope.

Movie Prices are Outrageous

Its been ages since I went to the movies in a real theater. But I really wanted to do something fun and different, and there are bunches of new movies coming out that look really promising. I know that all of them will be out on DVD just in time for Christmas, but I don’t want to wait that long for all of them.

I went with my Study Buddy from school as a treat to say thank you for all her help and moral support during these classes. This past month has been the hardest – its like they are rushing us to get through it all and I’m starting to panic about not only learning the new material but remembering everything else they taught me over the past 2 years.

So we went to the new theaters out in Providence Shopping Center and each ticket was 16. Sixteen Bucks! This is too much! I can buy the DVD for $16 bucks and watch it over and over again as much as I want. The movie theaters have go to charge less money for a ticket if they want me to come back again.