Shopping for New Flip Flops

There must be hundreds of different kinds of flip flops but I like the cheap, basic Zorries that are one color with a strap the same color. They only cost about one buck and they last for a couple of months. I think the other flip flops are a big gamble when you buy them. Will they last? Will the strap break through the bottom? Will they let you slip on wet surfaces?

My flip flops are a staple of my wardrobe and I have some nice sandals, too. But I mostly just want my cheap flips flops when I get home and kick off my high heels for the day. They are my comfort item.

My Dog Loves Bacon!

There’s a long running commercial about a dog that loves bacon. He runs into the kitchen yelling, “Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!” but he gets fooled with a fake bacon dog treat that is supposed to be so good that dogs think it is bacon. My dog is too smart to fall for that. In fact, my dog loves bacon but hates those particular dog treats. When I opened the bag and gave the contents of the fake treats a big sniff, I expected to smell bacon but I sure didn’t. It smelled AWFUL and NOTHING like bacon.

Paper Plates – Really?

Never realized until yesterday that some people do not uses dishes for their meals at home. They use paper plates. I guess this is because they do not either have real dishes or they don’t want to wash their dishes after they eat off them.

I don’t understand the logic of either one. It has to be expensive to buy paper plates, they are more expensive than real dishes after just the second or third purchase! And to be too lazy to wash your dishes? OMG! If you are THAT lazy, you are hopeless.