Happy Birthday to my Dear Grandmother

Margret called to remind me that today would have been my grandmother’s birthday if she was still with us. Sadly, she passed about 12 years old. But I will always remember her on her birthday and didn’t even need the reminder, although it is always good to talk with my Auntie M. April 30 is forever a special day in my life because it is the day my dear Grandmother was born.

My grandmother was a very pretty young women. We have a couple of pictures of her, in old black and white snapshots. She loved to be fashionable with the latest style of dresses and hats that were popular in the 1920’s – that must be where I got my interest in fashion from.

Mandatory Reading for Farmville Players

bookcover of farmville for dummies

Why do so many people spend hours and hours on Facebook every day playing this Farmville stupid game? Its not like you are getting paid for farming their stuff. What do you get out of it? Nothing! Its just a huge time suck. Get over it!

Early Tick Season

My poor dog was getting so shabby looking because I haven’t taken him to the groomer for a couple of months. His fur was getting too long and raggedy, and matted up, too. So I finally scraped enough money together to take him to the groomers yesterday.

Of course, the price has gone up again – it cost me $50 to give him a “day at the doggie spa” at the local groomers. They do a really good job, though. They cut his nails, brush his teeth, give his a good bath and then cut his hair really nice.

I was shocked when I picked himup and they told me that they found 4 ticks on him. OMG! I had no idea that we had ticks out yet! And my backyard is not all that wooded, either. His hair was so long that I couldn’t even see the ticks! I’m so glad I took him to the groomers – and very glad that they took care of those nasty ticks – I hate taking ticks off a dog.

No Late Night for the Post Office

So many people are filling their tax returns over the internet now that I guess the post office has taken a big hit from not as much mail on the yearly tax deadline day. I remember years ago that all the post offices would stay open until midnight so the last minute tax filing people could still buy their stamps and mail their returns to get the post marked date of April 15 on their envelope.

But this year I read in the newspaper that no post offices around here are staying open late. In fact the biggest, main post office out by the airport is only staying open until 10:00 pm. Wow – things have sure changed because of the internet!

Big and Rich Surprised Me

Not a big fan of country music lately. So much of it sound exactly the same and it is boring. How many times can you sing about beer and pickup trucks?

The group, Big and Rich is probably more accurately described as a duo but I don’t know and don’t care enough to look it up. But they do have a couple of good songs. I was surprised when I heard the song called “Faster Than Angels Fly” to find out that it was a Big and Rich song. So they got a little more respect from me tonight because I do like that song and its not the same typical bland country song.

Run On Eggs at the Grocery

Easter is just a couple of days away and the eggs have disappeared from the grocery store. I always buy a dozen eggs when I do my regular grocery shopping, but I guess a whole lot of people are buying extra eggs so they can color them with those fun Easter egg dye kits or have Easter egg hunts. There were not any regular or extra large eggs left in the refrigerator case at my nearby Food Lion. I’ve never seen that before.

Fool Me Once

Happy April Fool’s Day. I wonder who is going to be brave enough to try to pull a prank on me? I do not really like jokes like that, but it seems there is always someone who wants to be a wise guy and try to pull a trick on April Fools Day.

Last year someone played a trick on me at work. They put a cardboard box on my desk like I had received a package in the mail. They had cut a hole in the bottom of the box and filled it up with styrofoam peanuts. So when I picked up the box to see who it was from and what it might be, the bottom dropped out and all the peanuts went flying all over my desk and my cubicle. What a mess!

It was funny – but it was not fun picking up all those awful peanuts. If I never see another styrofoam peanut again in my life it will be too soon!