Star Gazing

My boyfriend has a new Android cell phone and he has been busy downloading apps for it. I have watched and most of them seem pretty boring. They are mostly for guys, I think.

There is a cool one that I saw, though. This one lets you hold the camera up to the sky at night, and the stars that show on your viewfinder are geocoded somehow. The app tells you what stars and planets you are looking at, what the constellations are by outlining them on your phone, and letting you take a picture of an eclipse. That was pretty cool.

Exotic Rides

Have you ever ridden on an exotic animal? There are pictures of me as a little girl riding horses, and then one day there was a circus and my parents paid for me to ride on an elephant. I barely remember that, but they took a couple of pictures, so I know it is true. If I can find those old photos I will scan them and put one up here so you can see I’m not lying. lol

Texting is Hard on the Old Phones

If you want to start texting people you really need to ditch your old basic phone. The new phones have keyboards and you only press a key once to have it register. The old phones need you to press the same keys repeatedly to advance through the alphabet. That is so time consuming and so easy to make a mistake. I am looking into getting a new phone next month when my contract runs out. There are some really good deals on the internet and some of them don’t even require a new contract. I just have to wait a month, then my thumbs will be getting a real workout!