The Eagles

One of my favorite all time groups is The Eagles. I have always loved their music, even when they split off into their solo acts. I was glad to hear that they had gotten together for a renaissance album and I bought it recently while at Wal-Mart. The new album sounds great. I heard a couple songs that I knew immediately would get radio airplay, but I have a couple that I really like that I doubt will make it to the top 40. But that’s OK – I have never been all that mainstream in my musical taste.

2 Replies to “The Eagles”

  1. I was so happy to learn that The Eagles were going on tour this year. But then I was so bummed to learn that the tickets were selling for over $100 per seat. That was way too much money for my budget. So I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with listening to the CDs.

  2. The Eagles are my all time favorite group. I wish their tour had brought them closer to where I live, it would have been a once in a lifetime treat to go to one of their concerts.

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