It’s almost that time of year again

Here it is October already which means that the ‘Trick or Treaters’ will be out soon.   The next thing you know, it’s going to be Thanksgiving.  we always have turkey of course but last year someone brought one of those deep fried turkeys.  Man it was great.  I had no idea they would taste that good and juicy so I’m getting Mom an oilless turkey fryer so she can make us one herself this year.

I had no idea they had an oilless turkey fryer but they do.  That has to be healthier than deep frying one and since Dad passed away from a heart attack, we’re all trying to eat healthier.  This a great way to do just that.  I would have never known about them if I hadn’t checked with  That is where I love to find the best prices and a few surprises too like the turkey fryer.

Please do this

I got this from an email and it is true!!!

On Tuesday, the Senate health committee voted 12-11 in favor of a two-page amendment courtesy of Republican Tom Coburn that would require all Members and their staffs to enroll in any new government-run health plan. It took me less than a minute to sign up to require our congressmen and senators to drink at the same trough!  Three cheers for Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana!

Congressman John Fleming (Louisiana physician) has proposed an amendment that would require congressmen and senators to take the same health care plan they force on us (under proposed legislation they are curiously exempt).

Congressman Fleming is encouraging people to go on his Website and sign his petition (very simple – just first, last and email). I have immediately done just that at: . Please urge as many people as you can to do the same!

If Congress forces this on the American people, the Congressmen should have to accept the same level of health care for themselves and their families.