Street Concerts

I miss the days when people would just block off a city street and have a party. We used to blockade the street by the community center and have a street dance on Friday nights. A local band would play for free or sometimes we had a DJ. It as a family event – all ages would show up and dance in the street. It was a great way to spend time with our neighbors and the parents did not have to worry about getting a babysitter to have fun.

Best Burgers

Last night I made the best burgers. I decided to take some ground chuck, not regular hamburger meat, and mix it with some chopped onions. Then I sprinkled a couple of heaping tablespoons of dry ranch dressing into the meat. I added some ketchup to the meat for moisture and put them on the grill. Wow – they turned out so tasty – finger smacking good!

My favorite burger toppings is a slice of fresh tomato, a dab of mustard and a thick slice of vidalia onion. If you happen to have some leaf lettuce handy, that is good, too.

GPS Help

Sometimes I really appreciate having a GPS in the car. Most of the time I know where I need to go. But sometimes I get stuck in traffic and need to find an alternate route. If I’m in a part of town that I don’t know very well, the GPS really comes in handy helping me find a way around the traffic snarl or accident, without making a lot of wrong turns or heading down dead end streets.

Proof in the Pictures

Yes! This is my photo from Sunday night’s graduation! My girlfriend, Lauren, took this photo and sent it to me.

I’m standing with my Study Buddy – I can’t tell you how much she helped me get through all the technical terms we had to learn. I’ll miss her and always be grateful for dozens of nights studying medical manuals.



Tonight is the big night – I graduate from the technical school as a certified (or certifiable! lol) medical assistant. I’m so excited! It’s a real graduation ceremony, with everyone in my class wearing a white gown and that unique mortarboard hat!

I even ironed the gown – something I almost never do anymore. I bought a pretty sleeveless party dress to wear out to the celebration dinner after the ceremony. This is my big night!