War on Dandelions

This year I am waging war on dandelions. They are all over my yard and both of my neighbor’s yards. I have tried to pick them before they turn to weed, but they blow into my yard from my neighbor’s yards, so my yard is doomed. I think out of self defense I am going to have to pull them from my neighbor’s yards, too.

Happy Birthday Lil Bro

My brother is 10 years younger than me and today is his birthday. It is easy to remember his birthday, it is the same date as mine, just a different month, minus 10 years.

So, Happy Birthday, Spencer!

Dog Treats

Shopping for dog treats is getting so complicated. I like to buy a little toy or bag or special treats for my dog. The toys never last very long, so if I spend much more than $2 or $3, it is a waste of money. But lately most of the toys seem to be $7, $10 and more. That is crazy for a toy that only lasts 10 or 15 minutes after you get it home!