Official Notices

My house is almost paperless. I don’t get any mail except maybe a few Christmas cards and birthday cards, and once in a while a notice from the Government that my tags are about to expire or something like that.

So today I got a notice with a return address of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security. And I’m wondering what is that all about? Why would the department of Homeland Security want anything to do with me?

So it turns out that is the name of the department that has to do with driver’s licenses and they were notifying me that my driver’s license expires next month. I think it is a little weird that the Department of Homeland Security is the branch of our state government that has anything to do with drivers licenses.

Old CDs

For years I have been buying music CDs for my “collection” and I just now realized that I have over 400 CDs and I never listen to any of them anymore. I honestly cannot remember the last time I took a CD out of its case and played it on a CD player. I know it has not been in my car for a very long time – I only lisen to the radio in my car.

It has probably been several yearssince I played CD but I have bought new ones as recently as Christmas. I have several CDs on the shelf that I bought and never even opened yet.

This is crazy! I’ll not be buying any more CDs. In fact, I should get rid of all of these that are taking up so much space in my living room.

What to do in Vegas?

Just found out that I have a trip to Vegas coming up in September for a big business conference. I’m so excited! I have never been to Las Vegas and have always wanted to go. Now I am going and the company is paying for the whole trip!

So what do people do in Vegas besides gamble? What are the best shows to see while I’m there? I want to have a chance to do it all!