Litter Patrol

Lately a nice looking older gentleman has been walking the neighborhood streets every afternoon with his dog. They are both pretty old and walk very slow. But I suspect they both enjoy the exercise and the time together.

Today I noticed that he has started carrying a canvas bag over his shoulder and he stops to pick up trash on the side of the street. What a nice things to do! I will stop and tell him that I appreciate his efforts next time I see him.

Four Play

Four Play is a jazz group that I like. Once in a while I like to listen to a jazz station and have some soothing background music playing while I sort through paperwork or other tasks. There are no jazz stations on the radio here, so I rely on the internet to stream music from a station on the west coast. Thee are two excellent jazz stations in California – one is in San Francisco and the other is in San Diego. Sometimes I think moving to California would be worth it just for the cultural experiences out there.